Any Opinions for Crush on Mr. Badboy?



Like what the title says, I want to discuss this old? Featured story by Lillycoolest1. Talk about anything (art style, plot, characters, etc) as long as nobody attacks one another.

Honestly, unlike other users I haven’t read other bad boy stories until reading other topics on them. So somebody can at least tell me whether it’s okay in terms of stories of the same trope or not?


It’s not the most incredibly well-written story, but the “bad boy” doesn’t treat the MC like trash, and in the end the message is pretty much that you don’t (and shouldn’t) have to be someone else to be likeable. So like, in terms of content, it’s pretty okay.


I’ve watch a play through online, and I’m surprised with a couple of over-the-top scenes it was going for some kind of subversion or satire (which seems more-or-less false). Then again, Part One’s only published so far.


IDK my featured story only got like 15 episodes and didn’t finish. Is it a glitch for me? I never got to read the great and see the ending.


Cause the 15 episodes are Part One and the only ones available


So is there a part 2 laying around or did they stop it?


Again, I’m not so familiar but it looks like it’s at least a few months since its last update. Understandable considering the author tag states it’s based on a Lillycoolest1 book


The only thing that I really couldn’t stand about the story was the way the MC viewed authority figures. I know the stepmother was not a good person, but I didn’t like it when she called her a ‘third-rate babysitter’ because that’s not insulting the lady for being bad; it’s insulting her profession (psychology). That comment rubbed me the wrong way.


I get it. Even though the two antagonists are laughably exaggeratedly evil, in-universe it kinda made sense for MC to have some resentment. But that didn’t excuse insulting the teacher or the principal. It’s just a problem of unrealistic bad adults and/or her attitudes to them, not to mention the lack of the main two’s biological parents.


A while back, I was bored and started hatereading it because it didn’t sound very good (I’m sorry, I know hatereading’s a bit mean). I loved it when I was finished. now that’s a story that really exceeded my expectations.


Heavily agree, even though it’s not perfect tbh




I read it long ago and honestly, I don’t quite remember what it was about (ooops), so I guess it didn’t really impress me.


So, question. Is there anyone who would be interested in reading the next ‘season’ if there is one?


Oh yeah, it isn’t bad as the recent stories made by Episode. ( Shade thrown intentionally)