Any Opinions of Cameron Dallas: Started with a Lie?



So I guess I’m now someone who wants to talk about relatively older Featured stories.

It is how this title is: how do you think about this story? For instance, does the different plot to the typical celeb story make this interesting? Did Cameron’s audio snippets weird you out? Did you feel engaged to MC’s (side?)story with her family history?
I really don’t know what Cameron Dallas is supposed to be like, but anybody who does, does the story portray him well?

EDIT: I don’t mind spoilers, so how is Cameron actually connected to all this?

Feel free to share, as long as you don’t put anyone else down. Thank you!


A thing for me is that I feel iffy on Celeb stories on Episode. A) I don’t know a lot on the celebs, so I don’t know how they are publicly/privately. B) Their personalities tend to be same-ish. I mean of course they may be good role models in real life (and kind people do need to be portrayed more in Featured), but in a way it sometimes feels not genuine in-story. C) At worst, the stories feel like some sleazy marketing ploy just to promote Internet personalities. Then again, good for their fans?

Something I may or may not like about this story is how Cameron acts like a regular character of a Episode story. At least how I played it, he was a little possessive and willing to get through crazy situations. Again, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad


Gosh I read this so long ago, I’m struggling to remember now…
I really liked this in comparison to other featured stories which was a surprise considering I didn’t even know the guy.
I liked that there was a mystery story line. I think that was a nice thing they added to set it aside from the usual romance/drama genre’s of featured stories.
I’m pretty sure I used gems on this once and wasn’t unhappy with the outcome, so there’s that :woman_shrugging:
Outfits were super cute
Audios were super weird
Last point I’ll make is that you were given a choice to have a sister, brother or be an only child and I thought this wasn’t going to contribute to the story but I was wrong! It was great how they coded this all in.


I know I’ve just passed that sibling choice too. That’s pretty cool. In fact I like how every other (free) choice had an impact.


One thing I’ve been wondering for a while: if you choose not to have a sibling (I chose a brother), then who takes your best friend to prom? :thinking:


That’s what I thought at the time too! I had a sister so I don’t know


Maybe she doesn’t go? Or another person takes her? :thinking:


Surely someone on forums has read this without having a sibling and can answer this haha…


Checked here and several wikias. No go. Guess I’ll have to replay it when I have the time XD


Okay, okay. Cameron or Pete: who you like morer?

  • Cameron
  • Peter

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