Any other Episode peeps 21+?




@uchuuneko Seriously, thanks for creating this thread, now I don’t feel so old :slight_smile:
(Guess what? I’m 29.)


I shouldn’t be ashamed, but it looks like I might be the oldest (at least, on this thread). I am 36. :sunglasses:


IM 42642462 lolol


You shouldn’t be on here if you’re younger than 13. Also, it is against guidelines to create a new account if you’ve been banned or suspended:


I will definitely correct that so your account is unbanned on your birthday. Thanks and please do not create duplicate accounts as it breaks forum rules and leaves you at risk for a perma and IP ban. Thanks.


Haha I’m happy to help! Glad I’m not the only one who isn’t a teenager. ^.^ I was starting to feel like an old lady, haha.


I’m a little bit older than all of you, but not by much. :bearded_person::raising_hand_man::man_facepalming::full_moon_with_face:


Older than all of us? Hmmmmm. Are you 37? :thinking:


I just realized that someone in this thread is 36…nope, not that old yet. But almost there. :clock1: :clock1030: :clock4:


Haha well I’m happy to know that we old folk are hanging around here, too :wink:


Gee thanks Jeremy lol. If you are 35, (and happen to reside in the U. S.) just think about it this way… At least now you can run for President. That’s how I looked at it :wink:


LOL, oh I’m def sorry if it came across the wrong way, no insult intended…I’m not far behind. Ah, well thanks for that heads up and tip! I’ll make sure to keep that in mind in August and start a campaign, haha! :business_suit_levitating: :flight_departure::1st_place_medal:


Jeremy for President 2020?


Jeremy 4 Prez! :us::business_suit_levitating::laughing:


I’m relieved I’m not the only one who has passed the 30. :blush:
I’m 32.


I’m turning 21 this year. I really don’t think it’s hard to find a non-teenager here :thinking:




You have my vote :hugs:


So happy to know there is more people than me over 20+! I’m 28 btw :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: