Any other Episode peeps 21+?


I’m 23, hahaha! OMG @mysoxlike2party our age group :sob::sob:


OMG this thread is gonna be lit. 24 over here :tada:


I have one if you’re down. You’re not in high school in my story at least :grin:


Haha! I’ll give it a go. What’s it called?


The Genuine Fake. Here’s the link for your convenience
Hope it’s something the older crowd can enjoy haha!


So this where everyone is hiding?


Pretty much


Looks like there are more older folks on the forums than I thought! & I’m turning 24 this year. :smile:


Kind of…I’m 20.


C’est presque ça !




youre the oldest person ive seen on here besides me, lol im 37. i feel like everyone on here are my kids. :sweat_smile: so glad i’m not alone. and i just recently came across that episode knitters page! its amazing the stuff you guys have on there! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


There are older ones, they just don’t advertise :smiley: I’m so glad you like what we’ve been doing! If you follow us on IG, we sometimes do live chats on Discord and post about it there.


awesome! i think i found some of you guys on there and i generally dont advertise either bc i feel like a grandma but it is what it is. :woman_shrugging:t6: what’s Discord?


@Rune.episode don’t call yourself a granny :joy: we feel old!


Discord is a program which you can use to chat :slight_smile: its also an app!


followed :slight_smile:


oh cool, like a group chat app?