Any other singers or musicians here?

Hi everyone :wave: I was wondering who else in this community is a singer or musician? I went to university for music (singing specifically) and now I teach voice lessons and run a music program for people with disabilities!

I posted a singing video of a song I wrote on my episode insta tonight and I’m super self conscious about it :grin: it’s here if you want to listen!

I wanted to start a thread for other musicians to share their talents and chat about music. Share your videos here so we can all listen!


Wow! Your voice is very amazing! That so cool of you to teach lessons. I would like to become a musician along with other things :sweat_smile:. I also write songs. I don’t have any videos or the courage to post any right now but maybe overtime, i’ll take a shot. I love all types of music! So if you ever need any suggestions, feel free to ask!

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Your voice is so mesmerizing! :pleading_face:
Me, personally, I’ve loved to sing as long as I can remember. From 6th to 8th grade I was in the school’s choir (and have done a few solos back then. I apologize if I sound like I’m bragging- because I wish my voice was that amazing) I was also the lead in my school’s musical which was a lot of fun. But over the past three years (I’m in junior in hs now), I’ve lost my courage to preform/record my singing, I recently performed at my school’s gala And nearly shitted my pants but it was fun! Maybe I’ll post something in the future though :upside_down_face:

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I’m actually writing a soundtrack to my story which is coming out soon on digital media! Itunes/spotify

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I can sing, but its eh

I’m a singer, musician, and songwriter as well. I’ve written several songs and shared them on a website called Musescore.

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Do you have insta?

I can teach you how to put music on iTunes/Spotify. It’s very easy! I got my own record label x

I do have Insta.

Ooh what is it?? Imma add you!


Aww thank you so much! To be honest, I still feel super nervous sharing my work too. I think part of sharing your art with the world is being a little terrified but going for it anyway. I’d love to hear your songs!

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Wow you have an amazing voice btw!

I sound like a dying cat :joy:

That soundtrack idea sounds amazing! My insta is @episodejulianne if you want to follow me too, I’d love to hear more about it :slight_smile:

Of course I’ll follow you now! Just keep an eye out on my posts, I’ve already posted a few teasers

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Ouu I’ve actually used Musescore quite a bit as well! But only to find music, never to post my own :sweat_smile: that’s amazing! I’d love to hear your compositions someday :slight_smile:

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Here are the songs I’ve written if you’re interested.

Songs I’ve written

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Oooh what software do you use to do the sheet music? Been looking for one

Musescore should have an app that you can download to write songs on sheet music.

I’m gonna look into it. Thanks

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I definitely recommend Musescore too :slight_smile: It can do pretty much everything that expensive programs like Finale and Sibelius can but for free! I used it all throughout my music degree and was able to do everything with no problem!

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