Any Parents Out There? Hypothetical Question for you


So let’s say your child was contacted by someone famous… like REALLY famous.
This famous person wants your child to go on tour with them to work on songs together and perform on stage every now and then…

Your child is 14… So you have concerns about what they might be exposed to (although this particular artist is also underage so this is a bit more comforting.)
If this was your child’s lifelong DREAM and you believe their God-given talent was to sing and write lyrics… what would you do?

Edited to add: Yes, you checked to make sure this was legit… like you saw them face time and checked up on the accounts etc…


I’d let them go as long as I was present every step of the way! Backstage, hotel room, recording studio. I’d be watching lol


And if that were not an option… (in case that detail has not been brought up.)


Then they can’t go they’d just have to hate me… I’d rather for them to hate me and be safe than for something to happen to them. :woman_shrugging:t4:


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