Any Pentecostals here? :D


Hello! I was curious and was wondering if there was any pentecostals here? :upside_down_face:
Am I the only one who gets a bit bothered when all the outfit choices are short? I prefer to wear long dresses.


Although I am Not a Pentecostal, I will be sure to include more long dresses. :yellow_heart:


Me , that’s why I use long dresses in my story
Haha , I don’t even know what means pentacoastal😅
But yes I prefer long dresses than short one


A pentecostal is a sort of like a branch of Christianity. There’s Catholics, Evangelicals, Protestants, Baptists, and etc. :slightly_smiling_face:


What this different branches do exactly?


Christianity is a general belief of a God who created everything and Jesus who is our savior. However many Christians don’t believe in the exact same thing. I’m not sure about the other branches, but as a pentecostal, I believe in Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. While other branches don’t believe in the Holy Spirit. Also, as a pentecostal I believe babies should not be baptized. I think Catholics do baptize babies though, Those are some general differences. :grin:


Baptize ? What is this?


Baptism is when you are immersed into the water as a sign that you are reborn again as better person. I’m not sure exactly though as I haven’t been baptized myself. I think it’s different for other denominations.


Isn’t it like killing babies?:neutral_face:


I think they just sprinkle water on babies. I don’t think they would kill them LOL




Ohh…:joy:my mistake,lol


In Catholisism baptism is the cleansing of the original sin created by Adam and Eve the only person who did not require this cleansing was the immaculate conception (Mary) Protestants do not believe in that part.


Soooo much sorry ik this is long
Im penecostal but just in general prefer to be modest. I loathe the short outfits and crop tops i ask of they can add tights under short dresses amd skirts or give us longer more modest outfits but they get Livid. “Its my story” “read something else” “its how the MC is suppose to dress” “shes not u” “suck it up” etc etc…
Side note i hate how “forward” the MCs are with the guys amd how they sleep around and kiss everyone and cheat then are non apolegetic until they get caught.
Idk probably im crazy…


I’m a Christian, and I agree about having modest clothing choices. I’m not a fan of crop tops and super short mini skirts, so I usually have my main character wear tights under mini skirts or longer tank tops under crop tops. There are other characters in the story who do not wear modest clothing because it reflects their personality, but my MC’s beliefs, values, and clothing choices are meant to reflect mine. :slight_smile:


This is a neat thread! I’m agnostic, but I do think there should be some options for more conservative clothing. Not every character I write is the kind of person who’d always be wearing crop tops and miniskirts, regardless of their faith.


You’re not crazy - what bothers you bothers me as well.
It takes a lot of work to write well rounded characters, so most don’t. Having a MC with multiple partners is easy to create quick drama, which is what many readers want. Dramatics. It’s not a great story telling device if you want something a bit deeper, though…
Agree on the outfits as well. We need more choices!!


Thank you and ur right one girl and multiple partners = easy drama