Any Portuguese speakers?

Hi! Is there someone who can speak Portuguese?

In one of my stories, there is a character whose mum is from Portugal, and I’m searching for the translation of the following sentence (extra info: it’s uttered in disbelief and the story takes place in the past):
“What?! Next to your personal chamber?”
plus the answer:
“Yes, exactly.”

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. Thank you already! :blush: :revolving_hearts:

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Well, I speak portuguese however it’s brazilian portuguese. They’re very similar, but some things are different. Here’s how I think it would be (also I’m assuming you mean chamber in a more formal context, like royalty? Or someone rich? If it’s just a fancy way of saying room then there’s another word for it but I’m going with what I assumed lol)

“O que? Do lado dos seus aposentos?”

“Sim, exatamente.”

Hope that helps and it’s said in the same way in Portugal as it is here, lol


Ouel eu se nome?

Thank you so much for answering! :blush: You assumed right - I actually meant chamber in the sense of a Queen’s chambers :crown:

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