Any questions about Asian Cultures? We will try to help you!


Welcome to the thread, this is a thread to help each other and learn more on Asian Cultures or how to characters etc.

Feel free to drop facts or stereotypes.

Asia and it’s countries

Asia has many different countries. I’m going to split it up to South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. (The Arab countries also are part of Asia, but there is a thread dedicated to it.)

South Asia: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Southeast Asia: Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Timor-Leste.

East Asia: Japan, (North and South) Korea, China, Mongolia, Macau and Taiwan.

Asian Names

There is a lot of mistakes regarding the names like you see a Japanese character has a name like Ling Ling Huang.

Feel free to ask questions! As well as discussing your culture because I’m sure we all have space to learn more about different cultures! :))

P.S. (As I am not representive for all cultures, I can only speak on the cultures I have an understanding of. I will give my opinion on certain topics.)

(If by any means, I offend you, I didn’t mean to, so sorry in advance.)

To clear some stereotypes/confusions:

  • Not all Asian’s have monolids. There are Asians with double eyelids as well. Yes, it is common to have monolids in Asia, BUT there are some with double eyelids too. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

  • Not all Asian’s are smart. I feel like this is a misunderstanding, as I have seen this but no matter who you are, anyone can be smart.

  • ”You all look the same.” I’ve heard this a lot but, there is a lot more countries than China. There is Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Japan, Thailand etc…

As always, please be respectful to everyone.

There is more stereotypes about cultures, so feel free to drop some more down below. (I might drop some more stereotypes later.)

This thread was inspired by: Need help with Italian (🇮🇹) characters? Come here!

Other threads that will help you for other cultures, religions, sexuality as well:


Aww it’s cute that our tread inspired u. I will definitely come if i need some help!


Not all Asian moms are tiger moms. While it is in Chinese culture to work hard and respect your mom and stay close to your family, not all Chinese moms are super harsh. Same goes with any other Asian mom.
Not all Asians will look like the typical Asian with black hair, small eyes, and pale skin.


I know! I’ve read your thread it was very helpful as well so thank you!




I will probably get flagged but I think these racist stereotypes needs to be addressed because it is not okay.

“All Asian’s have the virus.”
“All Middle Eastern people are terrorists.”
“Black people are threats.”
“Hispanics are illegal.”

This is NOT TRUE. This is disrespectful and racist. You should never assume that a certain type of people have these. I cannot stress how rude it is to say this. It hurts people’s feeling and cause harm to these people.


Yeah like all italians are part of the Mafia it’s offensive and not accurate at all. The thing is, really understand a culture, do your research, and then talk :slight_smile:
Also that’s why we need more threads like this one


Exactly! People shouldn’t judge others by using a typical or racist stereotype. There is more to these people.

Everyone is a human. We should respect this.


facts and bump!


I know right! We’re all smart in are our way.


Do you know of any good websites that list real last names?
Every time I make a character I struggle with their last name because I’m worried the last name is too basic (Nguyen seems like the equivalent to like “Smith” or “Johnson” it seems super basic)


Hm, it depends what type of last names. Which type of last name are you looking for?


Currently I have a Japanese character that I’m having trouble with if that’s what you mean


This website lists about 100 Japanese last names to go through if you like any:

I’ve picked some out if you didn’t want to read the whole thing:

  1. Yamaguchi
  2. Saito
  3. Matsumoto
  4. Inoue
  5. Kimura
  6. Hayashi
  7. Shimizu
  8. Yamazaki
  9. Mori
  10. Yamamoto

:joy::joy: I’m Asian myself (Vietnam) and I’m quite dumb for my school’s Asian standards (they’re usually like 3 years ahead). I have double eyelids, usually people assume that I’m either Chinese, Japanese or Korean, I’m none of those so apparently that makes me white now.


Thank you!


lmao yes! I’m from Malaysia so if anyone needs help with it’s culture feel free to ask me (I’ll try help!)


I’m Asian too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Vietnamese, to be specific. You can ask me too if you all need any help


For the record, the virus that sparked again in Vietnam was because of some salmon that was shipped from America. Say that to the racists, but no hate to anyone from foreign countries. I see Asians being stereotyped as Chinese and being attacked by Americans in other places like one woman in the metro, can’t find the video. But if these racists are going to keep blaming people instead of helping shape a better community and heal from the epidemic their ass ain’t getting anywhere.