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Hey! It’s so great this thread exist!

So I’m soon about to publish my first story and I’ve been going through it a lot to go over different things and what I’m struggeling with the most is how to make non sterotypical and offensive characters while still being inclusive. I’m Swedish and we aren’t a very diverse country yet which makes my knowledge a bit basic.

As it is right now I’ve written my characters with very little background information and I haven’t let their apperence form their personality. I kinda made characters while forming the personalities as I go. Now I realized this wasn’t the smartest move, because I might have used steroetypes without even knowing!

Is there anyone willing to help me making sure I won’t use stereotypes? :sweat_smile:


I can try help you!

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Thank you! Would it be okay if i send you a message?


Of course!

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Is there anything I should know about when writing an Ancient Japan story? Like customs I could apply, traditions, e.t.c?


I don’t exactly know what you are asking for but maybe some things to add:

  • Bowing, to show respect or for normal greeting.
  • If it is Ancient Japan, keep in mind that people back then are homophobic and sexist. (Example: Men being in charge of everything, or they think that they are better than woman, I know this isn’t everyone, but majority of the people were.)
  • Swords and Katana’s.

I’m sorry, if I’m lacking some information, I’m quite tired. :sweat:


Thank you :heart: It’s all good


Karate I think was a common sport in Japan
And meditating was done a lot too


Thank you! I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.


Hi, I just wanted to pop back in to help writing characters because I’ve done some more research and found some more information to help out everyone and plus I’ve also said some things, which were not true but, keep in mind, that everyone will have a different opinion, which is why some will not agree.

  • First, let the characters get in trouble and let them be reckless and get in trouble. (I found this on an instagram post, but I can’t find it anywhere, so if I come across the post again, I will link to here.)
  • Plus-size Asian characters. If, you don’t know this most Asians are apparently known to be “skinny”, but like every other country in the world there will people like that, so feel free to add Plus-size Asians to your story!
  • Don’t focus on them being smart or clever. Being clever or smart is not a personality. Make them be flirty, witty, repulsive, nice etc, it makes them an actual person. This doesn’t apply to just Asian characters, but to every character! If they have an actual personality, people can relate to the characters more and it gives character more depth.

To anyone, I have gave information to that is false, I apologise for that.

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I’m so sorry, for the late reply, but I’m not sure which time of Ancient Japan, but if you are writing about Japan, karate didn’t exist in Mainland Japan until 1920’s, it was imported from Okinawa (An Island of Japan in 1920’s.) Meaning that karate in Mainland Japan did not exist until 1920 and karate was created in Okinawa in 14th century, so it was practiced earlier on, but not in mainland Japan.

I’m not to familiar with karate history, however, I’ve heard and seen this. I just wanted to point this out because even if it’s fiction, I think representing it the right way is a good thing.

This article explains it:

This one talks about the history of karate and more depth of karate:



Thank you! My story takes place during the Edo period, so they would know karate or some sort of it before hand (atleast not in mainland Japan) but it wasn’t formally introduced as “karate” until 1920s correct?


Okinawa is so beautiful


Yep. The mainland Japanese did not know about karate until it was introduced to them in 1920’s and since Edo Period is around 1603 - 1868.

If your story takes place in Edo period, then I suggest Kendo. Since, these were around in Japan more earlier on than Karate. I think these articles will explain better then me.

My sources:



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:grinning: the fact that i’ve been called a “fake” asian because i’m indian just makes me…

india is in asia. we aren’t just the frickin baljeets or smth like that :grimacing:


Omg this thread is so cool, I readed more than one story where they have a stereotype japanese girl (nerd or full pink/rainbow) with a nonsense name, like a japanese random word instead of a normal name or a random god name being like “kuro” just because It means black, that’s honestly a common pet/dog/cat name, that’s not how things go.
For me it’s sad most writers don’t think about reaching out to people that belong to that ethnicity or doing reaserch on cultures and stereotypes before writing.


Do you think you can help me with Japan & Korea system?

Here my thread: