Any Random Writing Tips


Any random writing tips?
Feel free to share :blush:


1)Always jot down your ideas because people end up forgetting so if you already have it in your notes then it should be easier to remember.
2) Don’t be afraid to ask questions, if you don’t know the answer to something there are plenty of people who can help.
3) Have self-confidence: Readers love authors who have confidence in their work so don’t tell the readers why the episod was so short, whilst telling them their short, figure out what you can do to make them longer!
4) Don’t give up: Just because things are starting off slow and you’re not getting any recognition for your work, don’t give up. If you love what you do then reads shouldn’t matter because they’ll eventually come sooner than later.


Will definitely remember these :smiley:
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Hey! Do you guys have any tips to plan out stories because I am a new writer and have a great story but i dont know how to plan and keep it organized…


Write down your ideas and plot (it doesn’t have to be organized yet). After writing down everything ideas you have for your story, organize it in the order you want it to be. Also preview as many times as you can during writing it on the portal.


Thank you!


I feel like I’m commenting for the tenth time, but I have more lmao :joy: I’ve been writing and improving my story’s a lot (both so far unpublished) and trying to make them as cliche free as possible. These are some tips from me to you, if anyone is interested in looking at it. Somethings that are good/bad to a story, in my opinion.

  1. When the story’s description isn’t really introduced in the first chapter. I know, I know I probably seem ridiculous right now, I know. I’m not talking about the whole plot or spoilers not being introduced in the first chapter, I’m talking about basically nothing being introduced in the first chapter. I read this story that had a description, something like a bad boy coming and mixing up someone’s life. The first chapter was quite short, but it felt so long. Nothing really interesting happened. The main character woke up, went to school, talked to her friend, school was over five seconds later, then she went home and started getting ready for a party. There were some other small scenes, but this was basically the first chapter summed up, I’m guessing in the second chapter the MC probably meets the new guy at the party, but I never made it to the second chapter, which brings me to my next point.
  2. Keep it interesting.
    This is obviously easier said than done. How can I make my story interesting? That really is a hard obstacle to overcome, the first chapter, and the first few after that are really important, and you need to keep potential readers interested and wanting more. Imagine starting a new tv show that may have a predictable plot, or has unlikable characters, maybe an irresponsible party obsessed friend, a rude bad boy, abstentee parents, an obnoxious Mc and etc. people might not want to watch next weeks episode of the show, just like some people wouldn’t perhaps in a story.
    What I did in my story: well, I was working on a comedy, and the way I wrote my story I think was an easy and smooth transition. Instead of adding comedic effect in certain scenes of my story, I had plenty of it in the first chapter, whilst the plot was developing and thickening. In simpler terms, instead of making serious scenes that introduce the characters personalities, or the life they’re living, I started off with them starting another normal day at their job, introducing her personality through her humor, and using humor quite consistently through the episode, until the last scene where the drama happened and the plot was introduced. This was for my comedy story. I have a drama-romance story that is more serious, but for the beginning of that I showed an intense scene from one character, which switched to another character after it was completed. Leading to the next point.

Point of views:
This of course depends on what type of story you’re making. Bring again my stories into this, I use point of views a lot. In my drama story, the point of view switches from character the beginning of the story, and will continue to do so for the rest of the story between other main characters, because it’s not only based on one person. In my comedy story, I also will be switching point of views, but the main character is more focused on her than the rest of the characters, so it will primarily have her POV. Also, flashbacks may be important as well, depending on the time frame and etc, in my story I plan to include many flashbacks from years ago from both the main and secondary characters to show more information about the past.

Drama, plot twists, the unexpected:
This of course is important, but it doesn’t have to be too important. Of course do whatever you want, I am only stating my opinion. We all like a lot of drama now and then, heck, my comedy story is gonna have a truckload more drama than my drama story. But I’m learning not to over exaggerate. I have many great ideas that are really dramatic to include in my story, but I have to sometimes refrain myself and say “no, don’t add that in your story, it will ruin the whole aspect.” Add drama, add a lot of it, because we love it! My issue was I was focusing on all the drama I could give each character, and cane up with about 10 different plot lines for each character lol. And there are like 4 characters. :expressionless:
It also depend on the type of story, if it’s thriller, comedic, romantic, probably won’t have as much drama as a drama genre story, and you don’t want to make anything seem unatural.

I feel like I’m done with the main stuff. Some do’s and dont’s really quick before I go:
Use correct grammar
Try to use advanced spot directing, zooms, sounds, backgrounds, overlays, outfits, text and weather effects to give your story that extra pizzaz.
Show character development and perhaps the relationship progression of two characters.
Try to make your story realistic! I’ve never seen a story like this, but it would be refreshing to see an aspect in s story that is relatable to real life.

Be offensive in your story (you don’t want your story to get banned, or even worse for people to get upset)
Copy other people’s story’s or ideas (not only is it mean, but it’s copyright infringement, you could get in such serious trouble, people could hate on you for stealing an idea, and people may not wanna read your story when there’s one or more just like it)
Also don’t copy tv shoes or movies ideas bc they’re copyright and your story will get banned.
Give in. It’s nice to get constructive criticism, but if someone is telling you to do this to your story, or do that and you don’t want to, don’t! It’s your story, you tell it the way you want to. Same goes for customizing, you don’t need to add that just because someone wants it.
Also, some topics may be sensitive, so you will have to check how much if that you can put in your story.
Make sure to read all the guidelines, so you know what to do and not do in your story.

Unrelated, but if you’re making a story covers are important and can get you more readers. Description and cover are really important, even thoughtthey day don’t judge a book by its cover, episode is a story, and we episodians judge stories by their cover and description, so choose wisely. Think that’s it! Feel free to message me if you have any questions or anything. Hope this helped anyone. (This literally took me 45 mins to write lillll)))