Any recommendations for strength training?

I know this topic sounds weird, but throughout quarantine, I’ve been wanting to gain some muscle through strength training. I’ve been doing push-ups, sit-ups and handstand holds, but that’s it. I really want to know more things I can do to increase my strength.

To be more specific, I want to increase my strength in my arms, abs, and legs/butt. So, if anyone can recommend me anything, I’d really appreciate it! :grinning:

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Alright, guess no one has anything, smh my head…

Weight training would be a good option for you. Especially with squats.

hmm running is really great for building up cardio (but it’s more like toning than building up muscle)
if you have or go to the gym at all you can do bench press for upper body, and there are tons of other barbell exercises that help build up muscle
like @/Hellchaser said ^^ I think squats with some dumbbells are really good too
(If you don’t have access to a gym there are a bunch of other things you can buy/use)

haha I’m basically a pro at all things weightlifting since we go to the gym constantly for soccer and swim ~ if you have any questions feel free to ask

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Ooo this summer I did 200 crunches a day with 40

Ive stopped since then but👀

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Alright, I’ll keep that in mind! @Hellchaser

I do like to run, so I’ll do more of that. Unfortunately I can’t go to the gym due to COVID-19, but I’ll buy some stuff and hopefully that’ll be good enough. “if you have any questions feel free to ask” <- I’ll keep that in mind, thanks! @amelial

Damn…that should be my goal! Good for you though, that’s impressive! :sweat_smile: @Epi_rj


You can try circuit training. That’s what I do, and it shows results after about a month or two (depending on how intense your training is). Basically, this is what I do: (each thing is for a minute and a half long) 1 wall sit, push-ups, crunches, squat jumps, squats, and others. It adds up to eight different exercises. Then a 3 minute break, then I do it again four times. But that’s more for the advanced level, and you don’t want to burn yourself out so do a little more research. I couldn’t explain everything in one post because it’s so complicated :roll_eyes:

It’s interesting. thanks!

Oh, wall sits and squat jumps sound perfect! Thanks!

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What is interesting? :thinking:

I’d recommend to be careful with what you do. Especially in case you don’t have much experience with sport and decide to go weight lifting or something not to damage yourself.

I’d also advice on balancing ‘muscle’ trainings with some stretching.

As for exact exercises, I think, you could either try searching for routines on youtube or downloading an app on your phone. There are plenty of quite decent ones, which show you how to do exercises correctly and warn you of what to mind :blush:

I had experience with sports, I used to be very athletic…but then I sort of quit for a few years, so I lost a lot of my previous strength. I do have to be careful, you’re right about that.

Stretching sounds like a good idea!

I’ll try YouTube!

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Oh, my apologies. That is quite nice! Then you surely know how to be careful and not to overdo it :no_mouth:

I’m sure you’ll get in shape fast with that determination. Keep it up and good luck! :purple_heart:

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