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I will try my best for what you want here are my examples.

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Hey, your design are really great. Do you make covers?


Yes I do what would you like?


I’m not really sure, Maybe you have a great idea.
My Story is ‘The Story of my parents’
it about a Young Girl that gets lost and then meet and old man kinda recognizes her then and tells her the Story of some couple who are both related to the criminal world.

I tried my best with the cover, but I don’t like it that much, so if you have a better idea, it would be very nice of you if you could help me,


I will help you so what are the details of the cover you want in perculiar


The Story is basically about that couple, how they met, fell in love and so on. But the Girl in that relationship has a secret identity, so Maybe a cover tha Shows both of her personalities or I dont know.

Maybe something that Shows the maincharacter/s. You can try anything yu want.


Ok so what does the character look like so I can do the cover?


So this is that couple the story is about


Ok do you want me to make an background that looks like hell and put the characters on it


With the title on top


Yea, thats a grat idea. How do you want to send the cover then? In this Chat? I am new to this, sorry:sweat_smile:


I’ll send it over the chat and it’s ok


Ok thank you very much :blush:


Your welcome