Any rp's I can join?


I’m interest in role-playing on here because when I played Smallworlds I’d roleplay all the time but the game ended and so I lost my fun. I keep wanting to join rps but I seems like most of them I can’t. Are there any that I can? btw I’m new to rping on here so yh


Come join Auror High!


can I have the link to the thread


Yes one sec…


Here is the signup page


ok I’ll join tomorrow it’s like 10 something and I’m exhausted so I’m going to sleep


Official thread


Zoe it is so much fun! I am in this one.


Yeah you are!!! :grin:


It is starting to get good too. I have a character ready to lose if you want, just @ me anytime!


There is also


wait I’m confused with the weakness part


You can join mine. It’s called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or The Neverending War


So your character can have anything for a weakness from crying to water. Even people!




so my character is in a wheelchair can that be her weakness with all the trauma, bullying and what not?


Yeah. It can be like that.


You can come join Westridge High!


and for the part part on the forms is it the power level and do we get to chose it?


Yes. 1-10 on a scale. It is important because if it is a 1 then you can’t really do anything. While a 10 is when you mastered your power.