Any seniors applying for University/College this year?

Super anxious and mostly exhausted. Let’s have a chat (even if you’re not applying this year, or are already in post-secondary)

*Where are you applying? (if you feel comfortable sharing)

  • What’s your preferred major/minor?

  • What’s your backup plan?

  • Any regrets/goals/dreams/etc?


I’m applying for a few top business schools but my first choice is compsci. It’s super competitive, especially with certain schools being very inflated right now.

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ooh compsci is cool, ik quite a few people applying for that type of course. I’ve applied for a few courses in design and my first preference is a double degree of object design and business. my back up plan is to do a tafe course or a health course. All of which are in Australia, and in dec/jan i will know if i got in and my end of school score! :persevere:

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Those sound really interesting! What’s object design about and what made you interested in it?

ahhhh don’t remind me :sleepy: I’m going community for 2 years and then transfering into a local state university

I’m planning on majoring in linguistics and then minoring in Sociology

I don’t really have a backup plan, I’m just sticking with this one

I wanna be an editor :)) like a publishing editor, or a speech therapist, if the editor job flops

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