Any songs to recommend?

WOAH it looks like we have really similar music tastes, I’m also a HUGE Martin Garrix fan!! :partying_face:
That’s really cool haha

Kygo is definitely another artist I highly recommend :heart:

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oh yay another Garrix fan : DD (i havent meet someone who liked his music before lol)

Kygo is also amazing : D


oof I’m so late >_<

YESS!! Honestly neither have I lol, I really want to go to one of his live shows someday tho :star_struck::star_struck:

For sure!! Who are your other favorite artists?

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id love to go to a Martin Garrix concert one day! I’m into 5SOS, Alec Benjamin and Imagine Dragons :joy: how about you :))

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That would be awesome!
I also really like Imagine Dragons, Kygo, OneRepublic, Alesso, and several other artists!!
I haven’t heard any Alec Benjamin songs tho :eyes:
Honestly I listen to music by genre more than artist :sweat_smile:

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you should totally listen to him tho :eyes: he’s pretty good and his songs are a bit more unique XD

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Sweet, I’ll go check out his songs :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’ve been needing to listen to some different music lately :sweat_smile:

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maybe Mood by 24kgoldn?

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