Any splash artists?

Hey I need someone who is willing to be available a lot because I want splashes for each chapter, like chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. And all my chapters have names and I won’t know what to call them until I start making them.

What I need is someone available to make me a new splash for every chapter that I write! You won’t have to come up with a new design every time so it shouldn’t take too much effort once you’ve done the first one.

Is anyone down??

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Episode harmony is

Aren’t they closed right now though?

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Yeah but I’m not

Are you willing to do what I’ve asked for?

Id love to create splashes for you!

I need to know


Any characters

Text type

Text color

Any effect or filter

Can I see some examples?

Can I see some examples please?

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Here are a few

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You can see some at the thread I’m on my phone now

@lexy19 wanna help show your examples

It says the file doesn’t exist

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Try my profile

Lol I was about to say that

I can help all my examples are on insta Art_episode if you don’t have insta let me know :smiley:

Wow you should join my group

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Whats your group called?

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Episode harmony

I’ve submitted a form! Will you be available to make me one every time I write a new chapter?

Yes I should be able to
If you let me know when you need them by before hand