Any stories about time-travel?


I’m working on a new story and could use some inspiration! If anyone has recommendations on stories that utilize this trope, I’d love to see them.


I plug this story all the time but only because it’s my absolute favorite: Eclipsis by Victoria Masina. The time travel material (especially the terms of how time travel works) is really well thought out. Even if you can’t find adequate inspiration, it’s still a great read.


I’ll check it out! I was thinking more modern-day college hijinx stories… but anything I can get is interesting, thanks!


Time travel is not actually mentioned in it, but I’m reading a story (Eternally ‘80s) in which a girl finds a guy in her closet, who is a ghost and is dead since 1985. The MC shows him new movies, explains him how to use the internet and so on. I’m really enjoying it so far, it’s modern and also pretty funny.


Eclipsis by Victoria Masina is for sure one, and if I read any more, remember them, or come across them I’ll be sure to list them! Also, an underrated but cool story by @Booklady1017 Many Miles and Years Away has a time travel theme to it.


Yes!! I love Eclipsis!