Any stories as the main character's behavior just like Bella Ellington in Dirty Sexy Teenagers?

I like Bella’s character so much! Beautiful, confident, no one can bring her down!
Any stories as the main character’s behavior just like Bella Ellington in Dirty Sexy Teenagers? or Regina george in Mean Girls,haha

Hey, I would recommend Riley Nova from Dead 7, she’s great :grin:
Even though she has seven assassins after her, she’s full of humour and confidence. It’s ink but it’s really awesome.
Another one is Annabelle from the story called by the same name. I haven’t finished the story yet but I like her badass personality. Ink as well.


thanks !!

Graduation: Countdown by Alex Light, I think, has a rude and sassy and mean MC :thinking:

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Bree Nightly from Not interested by Madison,
Alexis Blake from playing for keeps by
Kiara Santini from Deep Attraction by

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thx thx


I would recommend Flashback Friday by Daisy W. The MC is exactly like this, however there is a huge plot twist that will change her personality. It’s an amazing read with great characters, funny scenes and unreasonably low number of reads.

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lemme find it and read it, thanks!

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