Any story ideas or prompts?

so as you can tell, i need story ideas. i really want to write something that has at least some romance (there won’t be love interests though), where the characters are in high school or college, and preferably non - clichè. i have all the characters, just not an idea. if you want you can suggest story titles for your idea also. thanks <3


what genre do you want to write? :thinking:

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Pm me and I can most definitely help

romance, drama, or action.

thank you!

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You said you were looking for Romance, Drama, or Action ideas, so I found one for each :joy:

As teenagers, a boy and girl agree to marry if neither have by their 25th birthday.
Eventually, the girl falls in love with him. Upon realizing this, she sabotages every relationship he has in order to get him in the end. What happens when he realizes what she’s doing?

If your MC had known then what she knows now, she never would have made the decision that changed her life forever.

For years, a secret government agency has been trying to find her.

The reason? She’s the only one who survived their experiments.

And she’s been missing for fifteen years.


i really think you should wait for your own inspiration. it will come to you soon :sneezing_face: wow im deep

anyway, im not sure of any ideas myself, so here are some things that maybe you shouldn’t do. frankly because i see them around all the time and you should do something more original.
you can do whatever you want but here’s what i personally wouldn’t do…

what i wouldn’t do:
-love triangles
-a girl meets a gang leader and like changes him or whatever
-teen pregnancy
-pregnancies with love triangles
-damsels in distress (like making the female look weak and only the male look strong)
-NOT adding diversity

i know that doesn’t give you a lot of options, but those are just some things i see everywhere and you really want your story to be original. :sob:

random things i would add:
-important choices
-bad**s females
-a male lead, maybe?? :thinking: (that could make your story really original)

yeah, im just throwing things out there. im sorry it doesn’t necessarily help with story ideas but i think that these things could really make or break a good story. :smirk::relieved::fire:


the romance one you came up with reminds me of an episode story… i think it was “The Pact” but it was almost an exactly the same as what you wrote for the romance description :joy::revolving_hearts::thinking:

except that in “the pact” the boy is the one who sabotages the relationships, i believe… and they were older. i ain’t sure anymore :sob:

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Huh. I haven’t heard of that one. Maybe they did what I did and googled some romance prompts. :joy:

The reason for the small changes would be that the original prompt has it as their 35th birthday, and says that the boy is the one sabotaging it.

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yep :rofl::rofl:

but i suggest @lvqbrl to not do that because that’s technically considered plagiarism :thinking::thinking: NO HATE THOUGH!!

I’m not sure if that’s correct… if we were speaking in technical terms the author took the prompt and wrote about it and so anyone could do the same :joy:

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oh well whatever :joy:

thank you for letting for correcting my wrongs though! :relieved: i usually ain’t correct lmao

yesss we love a deep shisterrr, also thank u! <3

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don’t mention it! :))

dm me, I’ll help :blush:

yesss! That story would be absolute fire!

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tell me your ig, i need some help? if thats okay?