Any story ideas? Someone help XD

I’m a beginner at making stories (This will be my first). I am looking for some ideas since the ones I have don’t feel interesting enough or sound like other stories on episode and I don’t want to copy. Thanks for your sugestions :slight_smile: I am into more of thrillers, etc

You could possibly write about a girl or guy living in the future where the government is corrupt by the rich and crazy or something like that.

Bad boys. Mafia. Gangs. Teacher student romance.
These are all cliche themes on episode, and they’re best to avoid.
My favourite generator sites and offer character advice, story plot generators, and much more. They are great for stumps in the path and filling in gaps. The best thing about them? They’re free to use.

thanks so much!

that’s a good idea!!

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It can be about someone who turns to a murderer at night and cannot trust herself, name it “Never trust yourself” probably

Look toward your own culture, hometown, nationality, your own life experiences, your family, relatives and friends experiences. The environment around you.

If you are imaginative then this is a good platform to spin something you know aka your environment to a fantastical environment. It’ll be a unique take.

Also, perhaps some of the subjects at school or if you’re working, you can gain inspiration from this places.

Watch National Geographic and Animal Planet. Plenty of inspiration to draw from.

Anything interesting from the news that captures your interest… or any spark of wonderful memory… you can use this too