Any story ideas to help me with my story?

My story idea is that a girl goes to a really nice foster home and has 2 new brothers and a sister, her sister gets jealous of her and her foster mom because she is always helping and getting stuff. As the story continues the girls become friends, but I don’t know how I will do that part? And then she has to go back home when her real mom gets better.

Can anyone make this a little better??
Or a new story idea?

Thanks :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Along the way? :sweat_smile:Just a thought for title
I would myself love to read something like this , non romantic :joy:

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@MiniSchnauzerLover15 I know its sounds kinda dramatic but you can make them sisters which were parted away right after birth (you can make them twins or make one younger which means they were parted away after she was born) And has a same locket as their last souvenir. And make the story such that the sister already in the foster home has a misunderstanding that her parents abandoned her but the truth was that they died in a car accident in which the foster sister survived but was not known by anyone and thats why was grown in a foster home but the other sister (who is new in the foster home) lived with her mothers friend after her death but after her mothers friends death ( yeah her mother friend died too) she was transfred to the foster home. Plus, you can add that the sister who is new to foster home already knew about the lost sister and was searching for her from a long time

Omg this is amazing, thank you so much!!

Also from your idea, I was thinking that they could be sisters and there mum and dad divorce and Ellie stays with her mum and her sister goes with her dad, Ellie and her older sister were only 2 and 5.Then her dad remarries and then they foster his real daughter! Thank you so so so much!!:blush::smiley:

That sounds great! But I was thinking maybe ‘missed?’ Too show the girl what she missed in her life. Thanks so much!!

Btw…if you could just tell me that is it the story of sisters or it is a romantic one ?? In which they both meet love of their life ??

Its sounds cool but how about ‘Souvenir’ it kinda sounds catching…just a suggestion.
By the way souvenir means a last memory

The female MC will be called Ellie and will has a awful past until she meets the Smiths, but I love the name!! Thanks :blush::grin:

It could be romantic at the end if I want to make it longer but I doubt that so probably not but thanks😊

Yeah that’s why I’m writing it :joy:I love the name!!! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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