Any story ideas?

Need a inspiraiton for my unpublished story. Can someone help?

Okay, so what is your story about? Can you provide some details?

The MC (Main charectar) name is Alicia. Alicia soon meets a guy named Liam at a diner. She starts to get to know him more but knows nothing about his past. He has a secret. He is acaully a runaway prisioner that was locked up for drug dealing. Alicia wont know this until later in the story when the police arrest him. In the end He was found not guilty and released from prision and marries Alicia. The story’s name is Gone for Good.

Tell me what you think

The basic plot line is nice but it would need a bit more work and a bit more major plot twists.m

Okay so you mean the ending? Do you suggest anything?

I believe the end is fine, but you need to work in some more plot twists through the whole thing. Like make some drama for Alicia. Or add in a friend for Alicia with some drama. Try not to do anything boring like Alicia getting pregnant since so many stories do that. What if Alicia was escaping a abusive ex lover? Or she had a crazy disease?

Omg those are amazing ideas! I have decided that Alicia meets Liam at her family diner. Alicia has a brother who is the only one who knows what Alicia has gone through. She also has a crazy ex that wants revenge. Every since all those things have happened Alicia has grown trust issues.

Are these good? I feel like I should change something.

That’s good! But also maybe Alicia gets locked up as well for something either Liam did or she did?

Seems very interesting.
You could maybe add that he has a twin he doesnt know about that is the actual drug dealer?

Don’t add too much drama. That can make the story kinda of cliche and boring a different sort of way.

Thank you for your suggetion. Liam will be falsely accused of drug dealing. And in the end the readers will meet Liam’s evil twin brother who was the real criminal😁

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Yeah ive seen a lot of stories that have sooo much drama it does not even hook the reader.

Yes, I guess ill make Alicia get locked up for something. I just dont know what.

You can make something like this:

  • Alicia becomes addictive to Liam’s drugs. So Liam turns himself in.
  • Alicia get pregnant and tries to get Liam out of jail before the baby arrives.
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Don’t use pregnancy to further the plot. That’s kind of repetitive and overdone. The idea that Alicia gets addicted to drugs too is pretty interesting though.

Yeah in the story while Liam is in jail Alicia becomes bad and starts selling drugs too because she is upset that Liam left and how all her friends betray her. So bacically Alicia goes through depression and starts doing drugs so she goes to jail and fixes things up with Liam.

I think it needs a bit more of a twist. But the main plot is pretty good. Maybe adding jealousy? Betrayal? Another guy or girl that interferes. Something to spice it up a bit. But so far so good.

A crack baby? That’s a first! XD

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Yeah i’m working on it. I’ll make it so that there is this guy who wants Alicia but doesn’t get the chance to because of Liam. So he becomes Jelous-Crazy and goes after Alicia

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