Any story line suggestions?

Hi guys!
I need some ideas on the storyline or a change of the story name for my newest story, “Inferno”.

It’s a romantic, action and fantasy story about a lot of things.

The storyline I have right now:
The story is about 9 kids with different powers and different origins. Ella Blue (the main character), and Deuce Snake have known each other since they were little kids. Deuce grew up with extreme anger issues. Ella tried to help Deuce with his anger issues, but it never seemed to work. She found out that the reason he gets so angry is because he is very protective of Ella. Deuce soon finds his long lost sister, Cally who introduces Deuce and Ella to Ivy. They all grow up to be the best of friends until one day, Deuce gets mad at someone annoying Ella to the point where she starts to cry because she feels harassed. Deuce charges at the guy who is harassing Ella, and he starts to fight him. Ella tries to stop Deuce but he is so caught up in his ways. He almost beats the kid to death until luckily, an adult steps in and stops Deuce. The guy is rushed to a hospital and Deuce is forced to go to a therapy home. He has to focus on calming down and controlling his anger. He stays there during the summertime and finally returns home. The group is reunited and months pass, and they have a new member of the group. His name is Gale. Gale and Ivy seem to flirt 24/7 and they end up dating. Fast forward, Ella and Deuce begin flirting but Deuce doesn’t want to date Ella, because he is afraid of hurting her (not physically, but with his actions.). Ella learns about the legend called, "The Eyes of the World’ and that there are two people who contain the power of the Left eye and/or the Right eye.

To sum things up, the story has to do with Ella and her long lost sisters discovering that they are the rulers of the universe also known as the Eyes of the World. But they have to fight each other to be the one and only ruler to become the “seeker”.

It’s a bit confusing, but it kinda makes sense if you think about it. The story just has to do with a bunch of kids with a bunch of powers including family issues.

Here is more information about the characters and their powers -
Main - Ella Blue - Eyes of the world - Left Eye (Chaos) - Parents: The universe - Power: Control the dead/ the universe
Deuce Snake - Inferno’s son - Prince of Hell - Power: Half of the powers of inferno’s
Ivy Green - Mother nature’s daughter - Power: Poisonous plants
Cally Snake - Inferno’s daughter - Princess of Hell - Power: The form of inferno’s dragon
Ethan Snake - Inferno’s son - Knight of Hell - Power: Inferno’s sword
Gale Diamond - Ice King’s son - Power: The form of the ice king’s dragon

Evil Characters -
Luka Heavens - God’s son - Prince of the Heavens - Half the powers of God’s
Celeste Tabby - Unknown parents - Unknown - The form of a Cat
Sky Blue (Sam because they’re long lost, sisters) - Right eye (Peace) - The universe - Control the heavens
Ethan Snake
The henchmen

Other characters -
Ella’s parents
Deuce and Cally’s foster parents
Ivy’s mom
Luka’s father
Celeste’s mom
The Principal
Mr. Andrews - Math teacher
Ms. Simmons - Science
Ms. Johnson - P.E teacher
Ms. Taylor - Spanish Teacher
Sky and Ella’s real parents

I could also use some background characters too, so some suggestions would be great!

I really hope that you all could understand my storyline. If not, please feel free to ask me any questions.

Feel free to suggest anything you’d like and comment on the things that I should improve

Also, comment down some characters I could add that could impact the rest of the characters or a certain character’s life. I’d like that :grin:

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