Any story with male mc and male li or choose gender of mc and li recommondaion please?

Choose mc gender choose li or male lgbt

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Are you looking for recommendations or telling us you’re writing a story like this?


Any recommendations ?

Many stories i read before i want something new
Something has choose mc gender choose li or male lgbt

Choose gender:

Magicka: Clubhouse of the Cursed by Spiegel (fantasy, ongoing, LL)
Sucker by Therese & TheKendalHawk (fantasy, ongoing, LL)
Counting Sheep by Piccalilly (drama, ongoing, LL)
RPG by Himeji (Adventure, ongoing, LL)

Canon LGB male character:
How to Find Your Soulmate (…In 12 Easy Steps!) by Lauren (comedy, ongoing, LL) - the MC is pansexual male and you can choose to date only men, only women, or both men and women

Solis: Regnum Fortes by Aedus (fantasy, ongoing, LL) - this one is a bit different because you’re playing as twins, one male MC and one female MC and both have LGBT options. It’s one of the best stories on the app imo

I don’t know many in the romance genre specifically since that’s not my area of expertise but others may have other suggestions

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sucker, there is on the asian shelf. I dont think you can cc though. but you can pick LI gender and MC gender

You can CC both MC and LI in sucker

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okay, I didnt remeber if you could, I dont use CC myself

Heyy I have a male mc. My story won the LDR contest. Maybe you can try it out? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Story Name: The Man on the Moon
Genre: romance, adventure and fantasy
Author: lidezutt
Story Description: The man on the moon is madly in love with the big star in the sky. He is determined to find his sunshine, but he’s longing for his beloved sunshine does not go unnoticed and so he makes a deal with the wrong guy. Will he ever find his sunshine before it’s too late?
My cover:

Instagram Handle: lidezutt.episode
Episodes: 4
Style: limelight

Thanks amazing but before you mention it i read it😁

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Ooh Okey that’s great!!

Title Ft: Not your perfect princess

Description: How does your life changes from that perfect fairy tale to the most frantic nightmare. Get ready for drama, suspense a slow-burn romance with 2 sexy beings. (NO GEMS)(CHOOSEGENDER)