Any suggest to help me out?

Hello my name is Kyara, and I am planning on another story is going to base on James Bond this going to female version and the mc character is going to be married and have kids. Her husband died, so she is widow right now. This story is taking place co-ed (supernatural). I need help on the title, story of the plot, and sprite name of the wolf. So far I have names already, but I don’t know if I should one interest or two interest. Please help me with the name of the story, plot, and name of sprite for the mc character (specific sometime independent or confident).

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Maybe: Breaking the Code (it can maybe be because you are not allowed to be a widow with kids or something).

This is the only idea I have, sorry.

Her husband was on a mission and while the main character was with her kids whiling this was happening. Her husband died on the mission so now she is single mother. I don’t know if we going to get revenge on her husband or will never going to love again (find her second mate)?

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Sounds great. :blush:

You should save the title for last when you have everything else figured out.

For the plot, are you trying to make the bad guy a supernatural? I’m just confused on how supernatural will be incorporated to a James Bond theme.

I have an idea… you could have her go on a revenge mission and an unlikely partner will join which could lead to possible romance

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I like your idea already, I have another idea plot how will Nova knight find love again? Or will she get another chance mate (her spirit wolf name is Willow)

So the main point of the plot is romance? Your ideas should make sense to what you want your story to be about and to each other. So how will her spirit wolf play into the story?

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Thank you, but the post is on share feedback

I have already have made characters, but I don’t if this story going to have one interest or two interest that (I am still trying figure out), Her spirit wolf is going to play because both them are giving a second chance to find love again

So is this a story about her finding love again? And why does she have a spirit wolf? I’m sorry, I’m just trying to understand what your story is about, the general plot.

Forgive me, my brain is on low battery right now lol