Any suggestions for good comedy story?

I just finished reading a GOOD underrated comedy story. It’s ‘Flashback Friday’. I recommend 100% for y’all to read. you won’t disappoint! trust me. it’s a complete 25 episode story. it will have a sequel soon.

since the story got me all worked up and that I’ve finished reading it,
i was wondering if y’all have any other suggestions of your own best comedy stories in episode. could be just about any type of comedy. romcoms, fantasycoms, dramacoms, mysterycoms, actioncoms… etc. It could also be any other genre that happens to have a really funny storyline. cz back and forth is originally in the romance genre but i can’t help myself laughing so hard reading it.

i don’t mind if the total views are even below 10k. i just wanted to read a good story. cz i was surprised to see ‘Flashback Friday’ to only having 8k reads with amazing storyline and humor. i laughed so hard and even cried reading it. it got me super emotional :joy::joy::joy:

My personal favorite comedies are:

  • Back & Forth by earlgreytea (completed)
  • Flashback Friday by Daisy W. (season 1 completed)
  • L.O.A.P (life of a Prisoner) by Oreo Biscuit (completed)
  • L.O.A.P 2 by Oreo Biscuit (still ongoing)
  • Cherry On Top by CPC (completed)
  • Forbidden Addiction by Anna Park (still ongoing)
  • Sweet Psycho by Savannahmarie (still ongoing)


My psycho. its pretty populare and really funny

I also recomand jokes on you. again funny


THANKS!!! I’ll definitely check em out

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Pagent Moms and Keeping Up With The Hernandez’s, both are reality tv style and are hilarious.


i would recommend @abthe.episodewriter Her story Colors
So funny


If you like parodies, Pregnant By My Twin’s Student’s Gang Dad by J.Miley is a short but hilarious read. It’s also in all three Episode styles at the same time. Like all the gang people are classic and the MC is limelight.

Check out Challenge Accepted or Psychology 101. Both were written by Annie Edison.

Also I agree about Flashback Friday. It’s so underrated!

Aww! You’re such a sweetheart. Thank youuu :heart::heart:

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“I Despise You” is one of my all time favorites

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I’m not the OP but I’m gonna go read this

Yw lovely x

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The Fool Card by @M.jordan

Infamous by Kayla S.

Dead7 and Infamous are two of my favorites. Both by Kayla S.
Seasonal Spirits by Thirsty Grandmas is also funny, as is Times Square by Janine Dela Cruz.
Miss Understood, So We’re Adults Now?, Lovesick, Before You Say I Do, and Ticket to Heaven are also amazing ^-^

I’d recommend Willow’s Petals but that was discontinued and I’m sad

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Hi! You could give my story a try.
It’s called ‘Unconditionally (FULL CC, CM)
Chapters: 12 Ongoing
Genre: ROMANCE/ Rom-com
Story description:
Sass-Queen, Almeira looks at love like it’s a plague. Will her arch-nemesis, Asher’s return change that? Does she have it in her to love someone unconditionally? (Rom-com, CC, LL, Choices Matter)

There is 1 main LI and 1 secondary LI. There are more scenes with the main LI by default. :slight_smile:

STORY LINK BELOW: :arrow_down:

I just published a new story!

Title: Remote Learning

Description: Online classes can be pretty uneventful during the pandemic of 2020, but lucky (or not) for Fiona, her classmates are a little weird… Will online class be that bad?

One of the Girls by Amberose is a comedy story I really recommend