Any suggestions would be appreciated

I’ve read most of the fantasy that I see in limelight and I kind of ran out of stories if anyone has suggestions for new ones that would be great but all I see our romance and I do not mess with romance books at all

If it’s not Fantasy and it’s not romance I’ll settle for adventure for a higher plus if those choices and definite bonus if you know you can customize but beggars can’t be choosers here so any new stories would be greatly appreciated overall thank u :relaxed:


I’d recommend this story:

Title: When worlds collide
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Living for hundreds of years can be pretty boring, until a power-hungry wizard kidnaps you and turns the world you know upside down.
Author: Carol K (@CAROL.K.K :wink:)


Thank u I’ll definitely read that


Art-ache by Lou C


you are looking for fantasy and adventure stories?

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The power of music by AdyElly and episode.honeyy

Nathaniel -The power of light by Auremiol

Magicka the rise of darkness by Kuro

Magicka serpentine by Southampton23

Magicka the shaper of destiny by Julianne

Draken stone by Jane belrose

Ad eternum by Nari

The storms oracle by Miyako Miyu

Also shameless self-promo, scorn heir, by me


I suggest reading:

Hidden Demons-Lucy Easton
Fallen Angels-Lucy Easton
Stay the Night-earlgreytea

All of those are romance


Fantasy but if not then adventure is fine


Thank u all definitely check them out


she asked for fantasy not romance. also stay the night isnt earlgreyteas best work I would suggest any other of her stories. like dragon bride or I married a knight.

do not get me wrong stay the night is a good story, she is an amazing author after all,


Have you read “A little closer” by Anya? 10/10 would recommend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s both fantasy and adventure, and the story is set in a world of VR. :blush:

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I’ve forgotten the name of the book I would love to recommend…when I last read it,the writer was still on it…am hoping it’s done by now… I’ll definitely post d name when I remember with the author…cuz I feel his story is great

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The Mirror Traveler by MayLaugh :blob_hearts:


Through the the worlds by Ksenia
Forbidden Wasteland by Nettie
Cinder and Crimson by Celestial Night

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Maybe you can try this one

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The split Kingdom by @ihicks01…am not sure of which genre it falls under buy I think it’s a fantasy and it’s a squad book

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Hey girl maybe my newest story is something for you :heart: I have also 2 others fantasy stories :kissing_heart:

Title : R&R: The Tree of Life

Genre : dark fantasy thriller

Link :

Description :

You grew up near an old tree. That old tree has seen everything from time to time. You always wondered if it could tell you your path in life. You get the chance to wake up the tree. But what if it turns out that this risk is not without its consequences?


I have a romance-ish drama adventure book.

Title: DL: Living a Nightmare
Author name: Raitlyn
Description: “I’m below average during the day. But at night Le Baron comes out to play.”