Any Super Interactive Episode stories?


  • I’ve been wondering if you guys know any good stories that are know for their superb interactivity.
    E.G- a lot of choices, and a story where my actions matter.

Villainous Heroes by Lyra Keiken
Seven Seas by Lyra Keiken
RPG by Himeji
Stasis by Aterus
Agent Cinderella by EliseC and Mavis Rosebrook


The Wall by J. Miley
Clue: By The Book by Amberose


Thank you.

Try L.O.S.T by MDSava too

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Ghostwriter by EliseC

RPG - Himeji
Seven Seas - Lyra Keiken
The Wall - J. Miley
Clue: L.O.S.T - MdSava

(Lmao basically the same thing as everyone else said :kissing_heart:)

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Read these please!!!:

Living with a stranger - @Odilia
The Years We Lost - @rene_writes
Until We Meet Again - @Alexia00
A dangerous path - @cxsey
Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane - @Marshmallow_O
Neverland - @maggy
Am I different? - @Mia_And_Olivia
The Green Line - @charlotte.bradley
Art of Desire - @joqueena
Rapture - @minnehaaa
Stranded with Strangers - @Emily_J
The Ruby Tiara - @wincyyellow
Bad behavior - @LiyahxWrites
A heart break century - @samantha_episode_1
Counterclockwise - @bek
Remembering Me - @MerryMirrors
Shield - @Winonakatya123
The New Age - @xXMagicalUnicornXx

These are perfect you won’t regret it!!!:smiley::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


thank you so much, sweetie!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart:


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Thank you so much Queen!!!

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The ruby tiara, moonlit feathers and do you know me? by @wincyyellow


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Hello, I didnt know if we could promote our stories here? But you have put "Super Interactive Episode stories" So if its wrong just tell me and Ill remove it :slight_smile:
But here`s mine:

Title: Mum Know`s Best

Description: Brainwashed teenager nicola has suffered from years of abuse at the hands of her mother will she be able to find a way out? Contains violence, self harm + CC choices matter tappable choices
Important Info:My story Is completed!, There is a lot of triggers in my story, Its a dramatic, romantic story
I have been told by readers the following: "Your story is a classic take to flowers in the attic" And by another "I dont have anything to say about your story, other than Its beautiful."
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama
Important info :
If you would check out my story it would be great appreciated! I have worked on it for over a year now! Hopefully your love it as much As I do :slight_smile:
There is a lot of triggers in my story, Its a dramatic, Romantic, slight bit of thriller in and a slight bit of horror in as well


My intro to my story

You’re amazing, thank you so much! :heart_eyes::heart:

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Aaaaawwww thanksss your amazing too!!!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: and no problemmm!!!:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

here’s mine if you’re interested!

Title: Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
Author: Marshmallow O.
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy (Thriller)
Style: Limelight
Summary: It’s a race against time as you and your friends try to escape the mysterious sleepover that you were invited to…

Chapters: 8 (To be continued…)
Instagram @marshmallowo.episode
Full CC, Choices Matter, Point System, Mini Games, Advanced Directing, 2 LI! :blush:


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