Any Tips? And need a cover art for my story!


I’m currently writing my first ever story, and i’m pretty nervous about it!

Here is the story description and let me know what you think!!

“When somone breaks into Dakota’s house, killing her parents and almost killing her, she is left traumatised… Will she find out who her parents’ killer is, and find love too?”

It is a lesbian story, with two love interests. You would be playing as Dakota, twenty two year-old journalist.

What do you think so far? Please let me know!

And I am also in need of a cover art!! I would ne grateful if any of you can make me one!

Wish me luck! <3


I can make the cover and also I like the description/idea.


Thank you so much!! <3


What do you want on it?


Hey…I can help with both!

But if @Jojo.episode464 is helping you than that is completely fine!


Four of the characters on it, the bad guy holding a gun towards Dakota while her love interests are crowded around her, like they are trying to protect her!

Here is a pic of the characters:


Well, I’d like to see my options!! And i’d appreciate the tips because god knows i need some


Anything in the background?


You can do anything you want for the background!!


Almost done but I thought you told me the name :joy:. Whats the title?


Whoops, I thought I told you the name too!!:joy: It’s called ‘Unexpected’


:joy: Okay I’ll send it soon i had to sleep…


Hi, that took longer than expected since I had to edit the characters a bit. Anything else you want in it?



i don’t think ill need anything else!


Okay :ok_hand:t6:


Have you sent it to me yet?


I like the storyline :slight_smile: but here are some tips for your upcoming story!

Use pauses, but don’t add too much or too little. It affects the duration of the story and it’s good to use so dialog isn’t easily missed if a user accidentally double taps. Too much could make the story boring though, be careful using them.

This is optional but if you’re going to have background characters, make sure they’re fairly sparse and not clumped up together, otherwise it would look unnatural.

Never be afraid to experiment with overlays, they’re actually pretty easy to code once you get used it, just have to go through the trouble of finding the positions but there’s a tool for that.

Don’t stay on your device for an unhealthy amount of time, it’s good to take breaks. Remember that you have a life too and it doesn’t deserve unneeded pressure! Writing should not feel compulsory, more willingly, it should feel natural. It’s better when you’re in the zone rather than being forced to do something.

Yeah that’s all I have for tips for now :smiley:
Good luck on your story, Chloe!


Yeah but it said it hasn’t uploaded. Let me try again…



Thank you very much!!! This is amazingggg!