Any Tips For Cover Arts?



If you have any other tips that’ll be great but, how do you get characters in a transparent background without having to do a long time of cropping and erasing. Also what free websites and apps do people use? What are some things that you hate about covers and things you love about them. This is my draft of my cover art :point_right:t5: what do you think about it? What do you think is wrong with it or right about? My story is about the main character finding a diary she wrote that she doesn’t remember writing unlocking a whole world of pain and evil. She looks for the people responsible. Thank you if you can give me any tips but i’m more concerned with how you get ink characters by themselves,


I think it’s really good


Thank you! But what do you think will make it better though?:thinking:


It’s a little blurry to my eyes… but other then that I don’t honk Mach can make it better unless you know how to edit characters to make them look 3D like or like she has makeup on


I voted on your thread with story ideas and you are actually writing now! Yeey :blush:
I dont do covers so this is just my opinion as a reader and author: I think Its little bit simple, maybe add different colours or something so it will be more eyecatching


Ohmigod! Thanks for voting!! I’m making my cover right now, and it has sort of a galaxy theme.


wanna join a art group


Depends, what do you do in art groups?


What do you think of this cover?


we make art and have fun


wanna join


sure but i don’t think I can because I’m not artistically talent.