Any tips for getting a puppy?

Soo, I’ve been wanting to get a puppy for monthss but my parents, they thinks it gives diseases and I’m not responsible enough, But I really really want it…
Please tell me for any tips to convince my parents.

Also @Nick Please tell me if this topic is okay


Hellp :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

first of all you can get diases for a dog or most animals, espically if its vaccinated.

secondly, if your parents say no it will properly stay a no, a dog is hard job to have one, its needs walking multiple times a day, attention food love, and that wont change in a few mounths when you are tired of it. and its a big responsability.

have you tried taken care of an animal before?.

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Yes, My neighbour has a puupy and I love him and can take care of him, but my parents

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I have a dog, I have experience.
Make sure ur dog has food, and water, and keep your dog clean, keep him/her company (because dogs aren’t, like, MADE to be alone, it’s like your a part of your dogs pack, kind of)

You know what I’m saying?


Okay SO idk abt you but I have rlly strict parents and I usually do this whenever I want something (I swear I’m not a brat :pensive: ) but it USUALLY works.

  1. Always mention the thing you want around them
  • For example, “My friend got a puppy! She’s so cute ahh.” But don’t make it obvious
  1. Ask once and leave the idea in their head
  • After you ask and they say no, leave it alone and they’ll at least have it in mind then use the other tricks
  1. Show them pictures
  • Search up a picture of the breed you want and just casually show it to them and be like “If I ever get a puppy, I would want this breed.”
  1. If you have siblings, get them to help
  • Make the younger one do the nagging and let them constantly beg
  • the older one can be like "Mom/Dad won’t let…but I would also love to have a puppy… :wink: "
  • If there’s a middle child, they can choose a side and either do the same as the youngest or oldest
  1. Show them you genuinely want it
  • Since you want a dog, show them that you can be responsible (or tell them you’ll be responsible if they did start a discussion about puppies.)
  1. Act good suddenly (this always works)
  • Do chores, be super polite, listen to them and don’t talk back
  • They might notice and be like what do you want, why are you acting so good (My parents do this haha) then you can answer “Haha nothing I just want to help around the house.” Then they will probably remember you asking about a dog

Girll idk why I wrote a whole *ss textbook but hopefully this helps lmao :crazy_face:


I love tryna ask my parents 4 stuff. I love getting stuff, u know?
I’m not a brat either, but I just like getting new things!
My parents are thinking about getting my dog a friend btw
The problem is,though, some breeds my dog growls at and everything (she started growling at other dogs after she got beaten up by some dogs at the dog park :sob: she’s fine though) and other dogs, she’ll just leave alone
And Idk u either.
I do wish I knew more of the people on the forums though

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Ahh good luck and DOGS ARE THE CUTEST (and cats too haha I love animals sm)

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And I know, right?
Animals are adorable!

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OMG thank you!! I’ve been wanting a puppy for so long but my parents say we’re not responsible enough( as in my younger brother, me and my older sister) I’m the middle child​:woozy_face::smiley_cat:


1st, as cute as they are- they are a full time responsibility. You need to take the time to research and learn training techniques, find a local shelter because shelter dogs are put down when they aren’t rescued and tbh, most of them aren’t “defective” or “mean” - they’re abandoned. (Also, most shelters spay/neuter so that’s a bonus being that you don’t have to pay for it). Ask your parents specifically what would you have to do to prove your responsible enough to care for a dog- maybe take on a new chore? helping with meals? get a part time job (relating to dogs)?

Because they’re a lot of work and you have to train your dog how to behave around you, other pets, strangers etc. and if you put in all the time required, that dog will never leave your side for anything.

And, a tip from a parent: If you bug them too much about it, it will be a permanent no- so maybe you should just start with asking what you can do to prove that you are ready to take on the responsibility of essentially having a child - because dogs depend on you for their safety and health and they take a tremendous amount of time and effort to raise a good dog (or child :joy:).


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