Any tips for making an art scene?

hi :slightly_smiling_face: i’m new here and i would really love to make an art scene in my episodes, do any of you have tips on how to make one or do you have apps/websites you recommend for making one?
anything that could possibly help me would be sooo helpfull and nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thank you so much :heart:

U should use ibis paint x

thank youu:heart:

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Ur welcome and when u draw a edit btw contour, highlight, shade the character.

thank you soo much :heart:

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I would recommend using i bis paint on phone. If you juat started on art I suggest using a template and not draw free-hand.
If you just started art and want to make an art scene yourself you should practice art with other things first(character edit etc) and learn how to outline neatly, color/add shade first, and find you own art style. Then make your art scene when you think your art is advanced enough.

Ibis paint, procreate, sketchbook, or medibang

Don’t expect to be an expert over night well unless you’re really skilled. Practice! Practice! Practice
I wouldn’t recommend starting with complex stuff like custom poses yet but you could try it. Lol my first time i started drawing I did a custom pose edit which was hard so start easy maybe.

thank youuu:heart:

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