Any tips for my cover?


This is a cover I recently finished. Any tips to make it better? I will gladly take any opinions. :grinning:

I will obviously crop it, It is pretty big. I will also be fixing the blurriness. :cold_sweat:


WOW AMazing did you edit the characters


No, I modified the gun a little bit, but that’s it.


Yeah how did you edit the character


Who edited it, I want to talk to her! And your cover is awesome!


Thanks! aprill edited it btw.


How did I not notice that… she is on my Episode team… I feel like an idiot…


Lol I noticed it was april cause of the way the character was edited


That why I asked


Thx for being honest


I would never steals someone’s work. Especially when I could never do it myself.


I think you could if you try


Maybe, but I really don’t think I could.


I think it’d look so much better if, besides cropping it, you put the title above the character and in a different font. Adding some effects to the text would make it look nicer too.


Thats amazing… If you don’t mind me asking, what did you use to make this?


what i think is maybe u should put the title above the character and outline the text with black.

and maybe you should make the gun more vibrant, or do something so that the readers will notice the gun, which should very important, because your title is wanted.


I just used photoshop.


Thanks! I do notice the gun is pretty hard to see at first.


your welcome