Any tips for my first story?

Hey guys!

I’m thinking of writing a story and wonder if you have some preferences or tips for me?!



Planning - i’ve recently started planning first instead of coding and i stg it helps so much.

Know how to code decently - the hard truth is that no one will read your story if you can’t code. (Joseph Evans, Mary De Sava, Dara Amarie, Episode notes all have tutorials/guides) might have spelled their names wrong oops

Know your characters - Again with the planning but in order to move your story along and make it good you have to plan out your characters and how they would react in certain situations.

Choices - A lot of people like to read stories on episode mainly because they have freedom on it if that makes sense. So just make sure you have some choices here and there.

Diversity and stereotypes - Add characters of different ethnicities, sexuality’s and different religions. But also make sure to stay away from stereotypes like the Mean girl has blonde hair blue eyes or the MC has a Gay best friend just for the fun of it uno?

Side characters - So obviously you have your MC of the story or multiple MC’s then those ‘side characters’ but don’t just make those side characters exist for no reason; give them a personality, a backstory and give them character development. Make every character important.

Take time - don’t rush and get excited just to get a story out, it takes time even if you spend like 3 months on one episode that’s fine it’s perfectly okay don’t rush and force yourself to code when you’re not feeling it. Also don’t expect for your story to get big. Don’t write it for the reads just write it for you.

hope i helped sorry if i didn’t, best of luck :brown_heart::brown_heart:xx


Thank you soo much that was some great tips

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:purple_heart: Here are some writing tips:

  • Just follow your heart and write wherever your imagination takes you.
  • Make your story unique. Your uniqueness will make your story stand out, not including stereotypes such as badboys, mean girl etc etc. Readers LOVE to see new things in stories!
  • Determination is important! Remember that, no matter what happens, nothing would stop you from writing which u love the most! :blush:
  • Have confidence in yourself! You won’t let other people’s mean words take you down. Your confidence is stronger than anything! :muscle:
  • The story you’re writing on, you must do a lil research about that first. Writing anything with proper knowledge about that particular topic is better than writing anything with no knowledge at all.
  • Watch a movie or read a book similar to that type of story you’re writing. It may help you to gather more ideas about how you’re gonna develop your story.
  • Create a notepad and jot down ANY ideas you gather in your mind. This will be helpful for planning episodes and the story ending.

:purple_heart: Tips for promoting your story:

  • Do lots of Read For Reads (R4R), Gem for Gem (G4G)
  • Promote your story on the forums! It is the BEST place to make your story known to people.
  • And then of course we have Instagram as the major platform for advertising your story.
  • If possible, make a trailer (show some interesting aspects of your story which makes your readers intrigued to read your story)
  • MUST include gem choice in your story! :gem: It boosts your story ranking.
  • Ask for reviews, constructive criticism from experienced reviewers. They give you ideas on how to improve your story. They will point out mistakes from your story. This will help you to enhance your writing skills, as people learn from their mistakes, right? :blush:

Last but not least, good luck with your story!! I can’t wait to see what you produce! All the best, author! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::purple_heart:


Hey Erosias,

Here are some advices :wink: :point_right:

  • Never compare yourself with big authors… → Even big authors started with 0 reads.;
  • Don’t stop promoting… Even if you reach the 1k reads, you still need to promote your story. :wink: When you stop promoting after those 1k reads… Your views will stuck at 1k reads. Duh :roll_eyes: :wink:;
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help at other authors… They had to start somewhere, too. ;
  • Promote at instagram (Facebook) AND/OR on this forum (so you reach more readers);
  • And don’t forget to take breaks. If you have a writer block, don’t forget your story, but take a break and think about something else for a while. But don’t force yourself to write.;
  • Don’t expect you get readers immediately after you published (sounds ridiculous, but there are (starting) authors who think that if you publish magically those readers will appear out of nowhere…);
  • When the first hate mail comes in :point_right: don’t get demotivated. And don’t give up to write. You are here to write, because you like to write, not because that one negative person doesn’t like your story. You are here because you want to publish YOUR story. :wink: ;
  • Do R4R on this forum or ask for feedback from other authors…;
  • Directing advice → Don’t use exit left or right or enters left or right. It changes the size of the characters. So, children will become bigger if they exit or shrink when they enter.;
  • Please, no black screens for narration → use other backgrounds and characters with animations during narration;
  • Check your grammar… Before you publish, just check one more time for grammar and spelling;
  • If you use your own character (authors character) :point_right: don’t use it half of the story-time or a whole episode;
  • Don’t use one whole episode for CC… (If you have CC in your story);

For the rest:

  • Enjoy to write and don’t hesitate to ask me for more help by PM at this forum or DM on instagram (if you have instagram → @angelwings_1983 ).

Love A-W


Oh My God! Those are also super useful tips! Thanks a lot!

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Thanks to you too and I appreciate the support and I will gladly ask for help if needed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey, just like everyone said, don’t be too hard on yourself, make the details matter and really believe in your characters as real people with real feelings, flaws and insecurities.
-your characters ARE your story, so make them and their storylines realistic! :blush:
These were INCREDIBLY Helpful threads take a look!

Tips and tricks on how to improve your Character(s) And Story :two_hearts::two_hearts:

A beginners guide to Everything Episode :memo:

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  1. Don’t enter the actions of the characters while writing the dialogue.
    Code all the dialogue with names so that it makes sense and is complete and then go back through the scene and add in the animations.

Here’s an example:
Hi there.
DALE ( )
Hi Sally.

And that would turn into this once I add the animations:
SALLY ( talk_greet_neutral)
Hi there.
DALE ( talk_reassure_neutral)
Hi Sally.

  1. Figure out if you’re a planner or a spontaneous writer.
    I’m not a planner. Once I plan out an entire story, I get bored with it and need to move on. Instead I keep a Google Doc open in a new tab and write down all the important things.
    Some examples of those are:
    -Kya has 3 possible character points so far
    -Jett had a choice where he could gain Talked_to_Manager
    -Amari’s last name is Grey

  2. Don’t obsess over the perfect backgrounds or outfits. It could take up so much of your time and make you feel like you’re not making any progress. I hope this helped!

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Oh thanks for the useful links :hugs:

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This really helped, especially over the feeling of not having the ultimate backgrounds :sweat_smile:

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Joseph Evans is my coding saviour. I watch his videos and use his website all the time. I seroiusly recommend you check him out!

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I have heard of him before and he is really great!

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Here are some tips for writing your story :

  1. Don’t take plots which are over-used, such as ‘nerd falls in love with jock’, ‘Mafia man loves small town girl’ and blah blah blah. These kind of stories are all over episode, so it would be great to write something unique. (No offense to authors who do that type of stories, this is just my opinion. Your stories are all great :heart:)

  2. Never ever copy someone’s idea. In doing this, you’ll lose the trust of your readers and the original person who came up with the idea will be disappointed.

  3. Ask for help when you need it. There are lots of experienced people on the episode forums, whom you can ask for help. If you prefer IG, I’m sure there are people on there as well.

  4. Check out YouTube channels when you don’t know something. Sometimes, the people you ask for help might not know what your looking for. There are lots and lots of episode related youtubers who you can check out. Some examples are - Joseph Evans, Episode TV, Episode Notes, Mary D Sava and some others. Dara Amarie also has some helpful stuff on her website.

  5. Find a proofreader. It’s always best to get help from a proof reader if your not fluent in English or if you want a second opinion on your story.

  6. If you get any good ideas or story plots, note it down so that you won’t forget!

  7. Do some research. If your MC, LI or any other characters are diagnosed with something, or if they’re of different origins, I suggest you do proper research so that you can get the best experience.

That’s all I have :blush: but if you want some tips on promoting your story -

  1. Most episode lovers are on the episode forums or IG. So you can make a topic to promote your story or so on.

  2. Like @adilistic.stories said, you can do lots of R4R and G4G.

  3. Sometimes, people make a thread to ask for story suggestions on the episode forums. Hunt down every single one of those, and promote your story with all its details :joy: you never know, it could attract numerous readers!

Good luck for your story! :heart:


Omg you have so many great tips :heart: thanks to you tooo!

No problem! Good luck for your story :heart:

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learn basic directing before trying to write out the story! (zooms, walking/talking, etc). i promise it’ll help in the long run. knowing simple directing will help the writing process go more smoothly

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Totally, I am actually learning it right now and like you said it is so worth it!

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i’m glad! it rlly does help a lot to know directing before writing

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