Any tip's for new writers?

Any tip’s for new writers?
Such as:
-Getting views

All help really appreciated.

Posting your story on this forum will get you views.
The community is such a nice place. if you do things like read for read. people make threads saying promote your stories. use social media. make friends on here.
I’m not the best at directing - but get your tips from pages like @Dara.Amarie & Joseph Evans.
For covers a lot of people have threads on open and free request. you just have to go searching.
overlays and backgrounds.
Their is a list out on the fourms full of backgrounds and overlays.
also some people like
@MargoVincent & @shara.stores & @amepisode &
@catthegirl & episode.cher (on instagram) have amazing backgrounds and overlays. of course you must credit.


Thanks so much guy’s. I’ll take a look now. I really appreciate it. :hearts:

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