Any Tips For Starting A Story?

So I’m rewriting my first story and I want to add some backstory for my character but have no idea how I should do it. I just want it to be like a quick flashback sort of thing before it goes into the actual story. Any tips or stories I could read to help?

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Maybe come to situations early on that have something to do with things she is supposed to remember.

I like going on pinterest and looking up character traits and a bunch of things pop up. My advice would be to write all of ur chracters flaws and pros , idk it gives you a better understanding of the character


this will help you build out characters.

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Watch movies or read books with flashbacks. They will show you how you can continue the flow of your story.

I have seen a lot of people use the black & white effect, transitions or music when transitioning to a flashback/dream.

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Take a notebook, put some music and write down everything that comes in your mind

I know the story of my character and what she’s like I just don’t know how I should tell the backstory to anyone who might read the story in the future. I know everything that makes her who she is but I just can’t, like, tell others since I don’t know how to explain the mess that is my mind, if you know what I mean.

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i get it.
try to plan the scene out, test it and get feedback.

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