Any tips for writing a story with 2 Love Interests?

Heyy Lovely people!! :hugs::heart:

So, for the first time, I am trying out a story that will have 2 Love Interests.
I cannot come up with ideas to write a proper story because I have never tried it before…
All these things are new and so complicated for me :slightly_frowning_face::sob:

So, can anyone give me some tips that I can include in my story with 2 LIs? :blob_hearts:

I will give you a special credit and place on my story if you help me :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Good luck for ur story!!! :heart::blush:

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Thanks babe!! :kissing_heart::heart:

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dont make it too biased :)) like each li should have a good quality that makes the reader dont know who to choose.


I suggest making the two love interests have very different personalities, and maybe two different genders. I don’t know what your story is about, so I can’t give too many suggestions, but I wish you luck!!


Thank youuu!! This is VERY helpful :heart_eyes::heart::blush:

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Well, my story will have choosing the gender of LI, so if a reader chhoses to date guys, she will get two LI who are guys and vice versa…

Thank you!!! Will remember that! This will help A LOT :heart::blush:

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To allow the reader to really get to know both LIs, I’d recommend introducing them both at about the same time. That way, the reader won’t just get attached to one LI soon, and then disregard the other LI that comes later in the story. Also, before you start letting the reader make choices as to who they want to spend more time with, have the reader spend time and get to know both of the characters (without overwhelming the reader with a whole bunch of info). Basically, take your time to let both LIs shine for a bit. There’s no need to rush or to get the reader to just choose one to focus on super early in the story!

When it comes to designing their personalities, I agree with @RobinWrites. I personally don’t like it when the 2 LIs are just the golden boy and bad boy. I find it way too predictable, dull, and overdone. Of course, you can have a bit of a bad boy and a bit of a golden boy as long as they are not just an embodiment of the stereotype and have their own special backstories, hobbies, and personality quirks.

Good luck with your story, and happy writing!


Thank youu Soo much for this …This is such a HUGE help for me :blush:

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My first story had 4 LIs and my current one has 2! Here are some things I’ve learned from my experiences:

  • Make sure both LIs are actually important to the plot. They both should move the plot forwards, so it doesn’t seem like there’s a main LI and the other one was just thrown in there.
  • Give them clear and distinct personalities. It shouldn’t feel like one is a knock-off of the other, or that they could realistically have the same dialogue. They should be unique, like any character you write. This doesn’t mean making them complete opposites, but just different with their own interests, quirks, styles, way of speaking, jobs, etc.
  • Give them equal-ish screen time. When I was doing my 4 LI story, I plotted the whole thing out in advance and literally went through each chapter and said “Chapter 1 will focus on Donovan, Chapter 2 will focus on Monty, etc.” and made sure it was all equal until the point the reader picked their LI.

This is just a good jumping off point, but hopefully it gives you somewhere to start and build up from!

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Thank you Soo muchh!!!:blush::heart::heart:

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