Any tips needed ASAP?

Can you send me a screenshot of the error and script?

I’ll try tomorrow with your method and write again. :blush:


Hi I’m starting out and whenever I add an imported overlay it has a white box around it meaning I can only use the Episode default overlays. How do I get rid of the white box?

Did you make sure the overlays you used are PNG? Can you send me One of them Please?

It doesn’t let me upload it unless it’s PNG, so I know it must be. I’ll ask around. Thanks for your help though

Are you sure? And no, the image hasn’t been uploaded to this chat. I’ve never heard of the white box around it if it’s a true png image

car blue.PNG

When I preview it on the Interior House, Exterior Street, etc, etc, it had a white box around it.

I don’t really think it’s PNG… PNG usually don’t have shadows, but anything Can happen. Why don’t you use some of the cars that already are on The Episode web?

But it doesn’t let me post it unless I’d PNG.

The car was just an example, I tried with a noose, a photo frame, and a snippet from my story.

Hey! Sorry for the so laaaaaaate response, but i was on a vacation :face_with_hand_over_mouth: So, I tried several methods, I tried your with the name choices and it continued giving me an error with the second label so i just combined the dressing choices. I mean I put only one label and made it look like this :
label dressing_for
1-(N) dress this
gain be_normal
2-(N) dress this
gain be_normal
3-(N) dress that
gain be_devil
4-(P ) dress this
gain be_good
5-(P ) dress this
gain be_good
6-(P ) dress that
gain be_angel
And it worked. I apologized for this mess to the readers and asked them to try and choose only the outfits for the LI they chose to go on a dinner. Still thank you for the help and support. :hugs:

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