Any tips on getting into writer's payments?

My story was on a shelf and I’m like halfway there to get into payments, but I’m kind of slow at updating. I calculated that if I updated 2 chapters a week for the next 5 weeks, I could get there, as when I updated the latest chapter I got around 4.6k reads within 5 days. Buuut, 2 chapters a week? That’s wayy too much for me lol. I might be able to pull off 1 chapter a week, if even that. It usually takes me 1.5-2 weeks to get a chapter out, and I work on it quite a lot (most of my free time).

Any suggestions on how to update faster? Should I make the chapters shorter? They’re around 10ish minutes (less if you’re making all the “friendly” non-romantic choices).

How often were you updating when you got into payments and how many chapters/stories did you have out?


You already go so fast… most authors I’ve seen update like once a month. I don’t think you really need to do anything other than continue what you’ve been doing. And don’t make the episodes shorter; most people like 10-15 min long episodes. Remember that quality goes over speed.

(I’m not in the writers’ payment program so I can’t answer that last question)


I keep reading on the forums that some of the bigger authors had to double update once a week to get into payments… and I’m like, how!? Lol. It takes me ages just to make one chapter.

3 episodes & you’re already on the shelf- you go girll!! can i ask how you advertised your story (like instagram ect) i’m in the writing of mine & have 0 idea how to advertise it :))

Wait… you’re the author of “My Gamer Boys?” I just clicked on your profile :0

I actually have 10, lol. I haven’t updated my profile :sweat_smile:. I had 8 when I got on the shelf.

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Yes :smile: hehe

Still good in my eyes! i’ll go check out your story rn!! :sparkles:

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:hugs: Thanks! In terms of promos, I promoted on instagram and the forums before I got on the shelf.

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If you want to get into the payments faster, then you already know the answer. Update 2 chapters a week. If you can’t simply update any faster, then don’t. Don’t stress yourself out just to get into the payments quicker. Be mindful of your limits.

I personally think you should keep doing what you are doing, focus on the quality of your story. Those with better quality are what makes it into the payments.