Any tips on getting your story out there?

I only have a couple reads on my story but each person says that they love it. How can I get my story out there for people to see? I already have an instagram account.


Promote it on here and on insta and do R4Rs

Ok thank you so much!

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Np <3

What’s your story? :blue_heart: (or your Instagram)

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Do r4r and post on episode forum and Instagram

Do R4R that’s the best way to get out there and you are also helping other small authors in return:) Also be active on your Instagram and promote as much as you can. Ask for reviews, these can help you get an honest set of eyes and can help you improve. Ask for shout outs wherever you can so more people can find your story through other’s Instagram. That’s what I did and I managed to get 1K reads in a little more than a month :blush: You’ll get where you want to be you just have to be patient.

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My story name is Sweet Perfection and my user is XxHoneyBlossomxX. Thank you!

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Thank you!

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Promoting on the forums/doing r4r as well as making an instagram works really well for story traction. I would advise to never dm people directly out of the blue asking them to read your story because people find that annoying.

Thank you for the tips!