Any tips on how to draw realistic characters on Procreate?

So, I’m trying to learn to draw so I’m able to make realistic covers for my stories and stuff and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me on how to get started, outlines, characters, tools, anything is appriciated! :face_holding_back_tears: :sparkles:

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@Vampira might be able to help you? :blob_hearts:

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I usually draw from the reference photo and take all the shades from the picture
First I just sketch the shades from dark to light and blur them together with a soft brush
Sometimes I initially edit the reference and add brightness and saturation of colors, such as in the photo
Oh, and if you want maximum similarity with the reference, I draw a line sketch along the contour of the reference


hi! :blob_hearts: vampira’s tips are brilliant, i just want to add some more (:


  • You already have Procreate, so that’s a good start!
  • You can get brushes on gumroad, nadiaxel and jingsketch have free ones popular YouTubers use
  • If you don’t already, I recommend a tablet pen (if you’re using an iPad) as it really does help you get more control

beginner tips

  • USE REFERENCES: Please don’t buy into the idea you don’t need references for good art, you DO. At least when you’re just starting. Use references for everything - hair, skin, lighting, colours etc
    – There’s lots I could say, but if you want to improve fast I recommend: Sinix Design, Kooleen, SamDoesArts, Marc Brunet, Ergo Josh for tutorials
  • CHOOSE YOUR OWN COLOURS: I do recommend that, if working from a reference, you pick your own colours from the colour wheel. It helps train your eye as to what colours look good on your artwork

basic process

my art


my process is kinda basic still as i do semi-realism, not full realism (:

  • I start with a reference, like always and I draw a basic sketch underneath (eyes, nose, mouth, basic shape for hair etc)
  • Then I put down some base colours; skin, hair, clothes
  • Add basic shade and lighting according to the reference
  • Then I blend everything out: for this, I recommend SinixDesign on YouTube, his beginner digital art tutorial is A+

If you have any questions just message me, I’m always happy to help :blob_hearts: