Any tips on my art?

heres some art work i did

heres my first time experimenting

heres another two

feel free to give me any tips or opinions


Wow! just WOW :star_struck: your art is fantastic. I am wondering…what is the black stuff on there nose? is it an piercing? Love the art so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And it is impressive that is it your first time!!!

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yeah its a nose piercing!

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ive tried doing free handed art and drawing but im not very good w proportions so i think this style is better for me

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Oh! so…It kinda looks like a dot, and…umm…maybe try to make it a little more realistic, but I can see you tried and it’s absolutely amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Which ever way is easier, you should do it/go for it! :relaxed:

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These pieces are a great start!
Are you looking for constructive criticism? If so, drop down the arrow below. Otherwise, skip this reply!!


First image:

  • The hair has a nice fluffy texture to it, however, the edges are a little rough. I suggest feathering it out a little bit, or making it look smoother.
  • You can see the hair sticking out from the beanie. Try and hide that.
  • The nose piercing is placed in an awkward position. Bring it towards the nostril. It looks super cool, though!
  • Make sure to pay to smaller details such as symmetry and proportions. One eye is different from the other, and the lips are shifting to one side.
  • The beanie lacks detail and is also quite rough. It looks like you have added random strokes. Try making the creases look more natural.

Second image:

  • The pose looks unnatural and a little stiff. Unless he is leaning on a wall, I can’t say that any human being would pose like that. Try other, more natural looking poses in the future, and take into account what limbs can and cannot do.
  • The nose piercing has been roughly done. I suggest making it thinner and adding more details.
  • The highlights are just white lines that go across the dude’s hair. Make sure it blends in with his natural hair texture by adding thin, hair-like strokes.

General feedback:

  • Make sure your images are higher quality when you edit them.
  • Make sure you cut them out correctly.

That is all!


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It’s pretty awesome. Just a few questions though. How did you do that? Do you use a certain app? Do you make this art on a laptop, phone , or tablet ?

i made this on my phone and i used ibisPaint X its free! i basically created a custom pose and then added a few details and outline it

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