Any tips on writing an amazing story plot?

I want to make my story as amazing as possible (I’m a bit of a perfectionist hehe), but I’m worried that my plot is going to fall flat for readers. Any tips?


Here’s a couple of tips that helped me:

1. "Draft your entire plot beforehand"
In the past, I’ve been guilty of just writing as I go. Let me tell you…this is NOT good.
It only resulted in confusion later on. Especially being that the plot itself was complicated.
I would suggest drafting or making an outline of the whole story and break it down. That way you know what you want your episodes to contain and how long you want the story to be.

2. "Grammar"
People nowadays are quick to shade you if your grammar is improper.
Make sure your spelling is on point. Because if not, people will not want to read your story.

3. "Try not to make the story itself cliche."
We’ve seen enough of the pregnancy stories, mean highschool girls, and people joining gangs.
Make something different. People want creativity. They want something entirely unexpected.

4. "Give your story meaning."
It’s true sometimes it’s nice to read something like a comic book for brief entertainment.
However, I personally enjoy a story I can connect with. Incorporate a life lesson.
Something we can learn from or relate to. Life is hard. We go through crap daily.
Reading a deep story about someone with similar problems and how they overcame them can be soothing to the mind and soul.

5. "Don’t Stress Yourself"
As a perfectionist myself, I tend to worry a lot about every detail. I will even go back and redo a project that took me days to do if I’m not satisfied with it. Sometimes, we have to step back. Let someone else judge. What we see as a potential disaster others tend to overlook anyway.

6. "Take Breaks"
If you’re writing and you feel frustrated it’s okay to take a brief break. It gives you time to think and recollect your thoughts and yourself.

7. "Add some humor."
Let’s just be frank, reading a dry story sucks. The lack of funny commentary can make a story bland and cause you to lose interest. Adding a couple jokes here and there will keep readers coming back for more and more. Just don’t overdo it with dad jokes.

8."Stay on topic."
Make sure to remember the topic of your story. If the story is all over the place, not only will you be confused but the reader will be confused too. When writing, remember to ask yourself, “Is this necessary?”
If it serves no purpose, then remove it.

Hope this helps! :wink:


I definitely agree with everything else written about this by @LaurieKrisette! I have one thing to add, though.

Make sure that every chapter has a point
A lot of writers fall into the trap of piling their stories up with filler chapters. Whilst that can give you a break, it can be immensely frustrating for people. We only get a finite number of passes at a time, after all! Make sure that in every episode, you’re telling the reader something new about the plot or one of the characters to make it worthwhile and ensure that your story doesn’t seem pointless or like it drags on.