Any tips or feedback? much needed

GUYS :weary:.
I have serious writers block. it’s unfortunate because i wanted to continue my story.
any tips? i’ve also lost motivation.

  • i think part of me lost motivation for my story because i feel as if not GOOD enough.
    (that could just be my anxiety though)

What happened to your story

nothing happened. i just lost motivation.
i’m suffering writers block

Well writer’s block is common. Sometimes it can be overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be. Give yourself regular breaks whilst writing. If you find it gets quite bad, for example now, take a day or a few days away from writing. Do something else that you enjoy instead. Hopefully, that will give you some motivation or inspiration on what to write. Of course this won’t work for everyone but maybe a small time away from writing without stressing will be good for you regardless.

Have you had anyone review your story and give you feedback? That will give you an insight into what the community wants to see and how they view your story. If you decide to do this, don’t let people’s comments be off-putting - let it be a reason to make your episode better.

Best of luck.

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i’ve had a few reviews. no one seemed to be completely honest or maybe they actually liked it lol.
i’ve been looking for feedback but people just tell me they either read it or liked it :roll_eyes:.
i seem to only have writers block with this story.
i have two others ones, but i don’t have writers block.
it’s a little frustrating because i liked the story i was working on. but honestly i’ll probably put it on hold.

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Well I can take a look at it if you want.

It’s so difficult with writer’s block because everyone experiences it differently. However, don’t push yourself to try and overcome it. If you force yourself to write and turn out with nothing it will make you feel worse. Give yourself the time and space away from it that you need.

Look for inspiration elsewhere. Eg

  • Other episodes
  • Music
  • IRL
  • Books
  • Films
  • Etc.

if you don’t mind to review that would be nice.
iand thank you for that. i’ll do exactly what you suggested.

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Can help me write me a story. No does want help out I don’t know how do link and share

what exactly do you need help with?

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I did story in love Christian and Charlotte romantic. It on my page .can look mleshell80 look love Christian and Charlotte romantic for see that did right .I need some write story for me.

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I am get more help on my story .I will move to fan ok.

I had it really bad with my story. I just had to give myself some time away from it and within that time I had a few ideas for it and instead of immediately pulling up the writers portal I get a piece of paper to jot them down and left them there give himself about two weeks break and when I was ready after about two weeks I went back to my paper, look at these ideas that I jotted down from time to time within the two weeks that I had and seen if any of them give me any motivation to my story and it worked for me maybe it will for you

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Also, I would read and give feedback if you like. Just send me link😊

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I will ok some one help with my story

i think part of me knows i could of done better or can it just simply be my anxiety getting the best of me. but i’ve been keeping my mind all of it, so it doesn’t stress me out. but the link is

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I’ll definitely check it out here in a little bit and I’ll give you feedback on it

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no feedback on grammar though I suck at grammar lol

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thank you!

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You’re welcome