Any tips or tricks for new writers?


hi everyone! i just started writing and getting used to all this coding stuff, and as a new writer, there are probably sooo many things that i don’t even know how to do on the writer portal.

for example, i just found out that while doing spot directing, i can just double click on a character instead of using the ‘change character’ button!! and i am completely mindblown rn :joy: :sweat_smile:

soooo, anybody have any tips and tricks that i should be aware of when i’m writing?
anything helps!! it’ll all be super helpful to know in the future! :slight_smile:

thank you in advance~ :two_hearts:


You just taught me something! I didn’t know I could double tap a character to select them for spot directing!!!


If you watch Joseph Evans’ tutorials they’re really help :two_hearts:


LOL you’re welcome!! i was totally shook when i realized!!


yess, i have! he is really helpful~
i’m wondering if anybody has any cool tricks that they also figured out :slight_smile:


You can get a picture of a background you want to use that’s not on episode, use and use the dimensions 1920, 1136 and you can make that a background for your story :two_hearts:


yess omg thank you!!! :gift_heart: i kept doing this manually and it was such a pain :sob:


No problem :smile_cat: