Any type of art in just 6$😱

Hello, I’m providing you an art in just 6$. You will get Portrait, Half and Full Body character as you want (Single Character Only). Below, I will show you some examples of my artwork. If you’re interested then PM me here or DM me on my Instagram: @designs.cast for more info. This offer is only valid for limited period. So order your artwork now.:wink:

Examples Of My Artworks


Ur art is GORG!!


6 dollers, that really cheap. your art is amazing. really want to buy one, but dont really need art work right now.

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oof i was about to say why are selling it so cheap?! it’s so professional! then i saw that is for a limited time :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much☺

Thanks, and It’s Okay If you don’t need it. If possible to share to those who in need of it.:innocent:

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:joy:Yeah, It’s just for limited periods

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