Any Type Of Good Stories?

Anyone know any good episode stories?? I need some new stories to read!

That is such a vague question hahaha. Is there a certain style or genre you like so I can narrow down my suggestions?


Here are some romance-including ones I suggest:

  • Rosehaven by AJ Nicole
  • Melody Of The Heart by Peiyang
  • Wentworth by
  • Faking Death by S. Langdon
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Nice! Thanks!

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No problem!

The blank page is a good one. I don’t really read too many romance heavy ones so I’m not much help

I’ll defiantly check it out!

So these are all underrated in my opinion:

You’re shillohete by Anby
The next stage by Lisa P
Returning Home by Xime

Can I give a little shout out to mine: The Undercover Student by GraceX

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Oh! They All Sound Cool! And I’ll Of Course Check Yours Out!

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You could always give my story a read, Some Sort of Drama.

Babysitting The Bad Boy

I have some:
Haute As Hell by S. Langdon
Meet Me At Sunrise by linasofia
The Baby Project (An Episode Story)
It Starts With A Bra (Episode Story)

Thank you so much xx

No problem

“Being Perfect” by Arrows
“Fall For Me” by Alex Light

Also my story has romance in it, if I can shout it out: “One-Way Ticket For You” by Cribb :slight_smile:

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