Any updates about the animation update?

Hey I’m just curious, so remember back in January 2023 when Episode had rolled out that warped animation update only to roll it back within 24 hours cause pretty much everyone hated it?

Does anyone know if/when the update is coming or if they have release any new information about it?

I know that the update really took away a lot of what we were used to seeing, and the community as well as episode’s social media users made that clear. So does anyone know if they have improved it? I already messaged @Tory about it but I’m sure she’s busy so anyone else knows?


It’s been rolled back but the animations are back to how they were before that update came out; however, some people did mention glitches with certain animations


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Yeah. Like the lips moved so weirdly. Especially the medium straight natural lip shape for men. I’m so glad they rolled it back. But I’m curious if anyone knows what the team has been doing to improve it so far.

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I wish I knew, I’m so curious

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Does anyone know if we’re gonna have anymore animations?

At the moment, I dont think were getting animations, I know we will be having backgrounds and overlays, etc in the upcoming update as said below in the thread, but maybe in the update after this one or in the future.

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Oh ok.Thanks.

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