Any way to spot direct in different zones without using zone #?

Hopefully, this isn’t already a topic on here.

I don’t remember exactly but there was an old way of positioning characters within backgrounds with multiple zones that didn’t require to always write “in zone #” because it kinda already been a little hassle for me. For example, if I wanted a large number of characters in one zone, either I would write the specific zone for each character in one line, or write subsequent lines for one character in that zone. I don’t know, but maybe there is a tip?

Can someone give some advice please?

Yes, before being able to use zones, everyone would have to use the X-axis coordinates. We would need to figure out how much more or how much less the X-axis would be to push a character to another zone. I could get into greater detail if you would like, but tbh when they added the zoning capability, it was a huge relief to me and a lot of other veteran Episode authors. Even though it’s a bit of an extra step, it saves a lot of time.